Top 10 Best Guest Chairs Review in 2023

Top 10 Best Guest Chairs Review in 2023

Selecting a Guest chair for your home, office, hospital, clinic lobby, reception, exam room or any other waiting room is a tedious task. Imagine, a visitor comes to your place and what if he/she doesn’t have any proper chair for them to wait for?

Best overall guest chair

BT-1404-GG Guest Chair


  • Comfortable Seat
  • Professional Style
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Tough Construction
  • Padded Leather Upholstery

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The result would be the negative impression. If it is a hospital or office lobby, the guest will feel to move away immediately if they are not provided with proper chairs for sitting. So having a guest chair with proper features is important to make them comfortable in their seats.

Table: Top 10 Best Guest Chair

10 Guest Chair Reviewed

Today in this article, we are going to check out the best product picks from various manufacturers who provides the best quality guest chairs, and also the buying guide of the guest chairs.

1. BT-1404-GG Guest Chairs from Flash Furniture

If you need your guest chair to look royal and neat, you can adapt to this guest chair for your reception area, lobby, office or any other business area. Flash Furniture, from the name you might have known about the manufacturer. They are best in the market for their quality materials, the design used in the product that makes the product durable.


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This guest chairs come with a thick padded seat which gives the comfort for the guest while they are sitting in it. Also, they will not feel any pain in their back even if they sit for long period in this type of chair.

They are having a lumbar support, adjustable, with an arm for support and the cushion feel will give more comfort to the guest. One of the perfect guest chair for the office, reception area, and home.

The price of this Flash Furniture guest chair is affordable and are available in different colors namely black, burgundy, white and brown. The frame which is enclosed within the guest chair is of metal, and they come with the dimension of 24WX24DX36H.

2. Executive Guest Chair from Boss Office Products

Boss Office products, one of the ultimate manufacturer of producing office products has released the executive guest office chairs for their customers at an affordable rate. As they are of bass style type, the chair looks traditional and neat with tufted styling within the chair.


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The mahogany finish over the wooden components is an added advantage of the product; this gives a traditional look to the guest chairs. They are available in different colors namely black, oxblood vinyl, caressoft vinyl.

They have a padded support, which makes the guest feel comfortable with no pain over their back even if they sit for more than 8 hours continuously. They have the arm for the hand support and the cushion feel over the chair gives more comfort for the guests.

They are made up of wood leather which weighs about 38 pounds and comes with a dimension of 27 x 24.5 x 35.5 inches.

3. Leather Guest Chair from Alera

Are you tired of normal guest chairs that provide no comfort for the visitors? Here is the alternate guest chair you need to opt to. Alera, a manufacturer of best furniture products, provides the high-grade quality products for their customers to enjoy the comfort and reliability.


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They are made up of leather, and therefore it gives a royal and an impressive look for the chair and has the capability of attracting the guest as it looks soft to touch. They come with a padded material for the comfort for the users.

Comes with a wooden arm support so that the guest sit in the chair without any disturbance. They are costly but matches the penny you spent for it. Available in two colors namely black and mahogany. They weigh about 31.5 pounds and comes with a dimension of 30.3X 25.2X13 inches.

4. Traditional Guest Chair from Office Star

Looking for a comfortable office guest chairs for your office at an affordable rate? Apt to this type of executive office chairs. One of the best manufacturer of office products who are in the market from the early stage.


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These executive guest office chairs are made up of wood leather which gives a royal look to the chair. The thick padded seat and the back provide the comfort for the guest, and they will not feel any pain on their back even if they are sitting over for a long time.

There is a padded armrest for support, and they are available in brown and mahogany. The wooden finish gives a traditional look for the guest chairs. The price of this product is affordable, and they weigh about 25 pounds and are available in the dimension of 24X26X30.8 inches.

5. Guest Chair from Lorell

Lorel provides best quality office products for their customers are popular in the market for their innovation and the durability of the product. While considering the materials, the base and the arm of the guest chair is made up of wood.


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There is a thick padded seat and back which comes with the lumbar support for the comfort position for the guests when sitting on the chair. Apart from that, they won’t feel any pain over their pack as they are padded chairs. The unique locking system shows the product different from other guest chairs.

They weigh about 28 pounds and comes with a dimension of 23.5X22.3X9 inches, and the price of this product is affordable. They can be adjustable as per the person and available in brown, black and mahogany.

6. VL606 Guest Chair from basyx by HON

Basyx by Hon, one of the best manufacturer of office and furniture products are popular in the market for their uniqueness in each and every product. Are you looking for the best guest chair for your reception, Lobby or any other business areas at an affordable rate?


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The padded seat arrangement in the back provides the comfort feel for the users. This is one of the perfect guest chairs for any age group and of all sizes. Best for contemporary offices or reception areas.

The manufacturer provides about five years warranty which is high for any guest chairs. They are available in black color and weigh about 12.5 pounds. The dimension of the guest chair is about 21X21.2Z32.8 inches.

7. Vinyl guest chairs from Office Factor

This type of guest chair is made up of vinyl material which gives a royal look for the chairs. This is very simple and easy to clean as they come with a dimension of 25X23X35 inches. The Manufacturer provides five-year warranty for this guest chair.


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This is one of the best guest chairs for your reception or lobby. Comes with a padded arm and a thick back support for the comfort of the users. The steel frame which comes with polished surface provides support for the guest so that they can place their hand without any disturbance.

They come with waterfall seat arrangement which helps to reduce the strain produced in legs. The price of this product is affordable and weigh about 26.8 pounds and are available in different colors namely black, brown, etc.

8. Regent Guest Chair

Are you looking for some of the traditional chairs for your office, home, reception, lobby or any business place? Then opt to the Regency guest chairs without any chaos. They are made up of hardwood frame and comes with a cherry veneer finish which is an added advantage of the product.


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There are padded support and cushions at the back for providing comfort to the users, and the guest will not be able to feel the back pain even if he sits for more hours. The Manufacturer provides two years warranty for this product, and they weigh about 21.8 pounds.

This product is costly but worth the money you spent for the guest chairs. They come with a dimension of 19X22X20 inches and therefore easy to clean the guest chair for the royal look always. There is an arm support so that guest will be able to give support for their hand without any disturbance.

They are available in different colors namely American walnut, the mix of cherry and black, a mix of cherry and blue, the mix of mahogany frame and black fabric and mahogany frame with blue fabric.

9. Folding Guest Chair from Mity-Life

Mity-Life, incorporated in 1987, a manufacturer of furniture system provides best quality products for their customers. You might have seen folding chairs in early stages with no comfort, but mity-life provides the best folding chair with more comfort for everyone in the house.


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The innovation design over the chair has all the best qualities embedded within it. They can be adjustable to all peoples of all size and postures. As they are light weight, you can carry anywhere within the house easily.

They can bear a weight of 1000 pounds which comes with a weight of 10.7 pounds and available with a dimension of 6X20X43 inches. They are high in price, but they are best for the penny you sent for them. Your guest will feel more comfortable and happy if they are sitting on this guest chair.

10. Upholstered Guest / Reception Chair from OFM

Are you looking for a decent guest chair with all advanced features embedded within it? Choose OFM Guest chair without any chaos. The price of this product is high but worth for the money spent on the guest chairs.


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As there are fully upholstered fabric and resistant to strain it’s easy for cleaning. They come up with a sled base with arm support so that the guest will be able to feel the comfort, apart from the thick padded at the back and seat provides deeper comfort for the guests.

They can be easy to process and assemble as they weigh about 31 pounds and bear the weight up to 250 pounds. Available in different colors namely black, gray, navy, teal and wine.

Buying Guide on Guest chairs

Guest Chairs are the important thing to have in your office, lobby, waiting room or home to get the positive impression on you and your surrounding. Before getting a guest chair, you need to look for some of the best attributes.

Materials Used

You need to select the guest chair by looking at the material used in the chairs. If its office or important business purpose areas, you need to adapt to leather chairs as they give a sophisticated and decent look.

Apart from that, you can also pick fabrics; vinyl upholstered seating materials as the guest feel more comfortable in those chair types. You can also opt to mesh fabrics if you need your area to look trendy .This type of chairs give more support and will last longer.

What type of frames are used in the chairs?

Frames, which are the reason for the strength and grip for the chairs. Choose a guest chair that has tubular steel bases to provide the best support. If the frame is of wood, the chairs look classic and also provides a maple finish to the chair.

You can opt for nylon frame if you need the chair for long years. Nylon frame chairs are best for light use and not for daily use. If you need some of the traditional guest chairs, you can opt to base style frame with four-leg bases and a sled base.

Are they adjustable?

Choose a chair that can be adjustable based on the person’s height. If this feature does not exist in your guest chair, then the person who looks short or tall will not be able to sit.

Check out the buying guide on choosing the best guest or meeting chairs.

Are your Guest Chairs has a Waterfall Seat?

Have you ever noted the chairs that have a slope at the edge of the seats in the front? You need to choose this type of chair so that the guest feel relaxed and they won’t feel any pain even if they sit for a long time in it.

Look for the contoured cushion seats

If your chair has a cushion seat, there will be no pain on visitor’s leg or back even if they sit for a long period as they give proper support and a proper posture will be maintained during sitting.

Choose a Guest Chair with Lumbar support

A chair with lumbar support fits for any age group people. So never forget to look for this feature in the guest chair.

Choose a chair with Sturdy Base

There are no chances of tipping over from the chair if your chair is wounded on the ground. If your chair is not having a sturdy base, there are chances of guests to fall.

Choose a Guest Chair with Arm

In any waiting rooms, office, lobbies, hospitals or home, having a chair with arm support is important. This will provide the support for the visitor’s hand, and the guest can sit comfortably without any disturbance.


This feature is not mandatory, but if your guest chairs are matching your wall surrounding color or the designs, a royal look will be maintained.


Most of the chair manufacturers provide one year or two-year warranty for their product, so never forget to check for the warranty when you get a guest chair for your office, reception, home, clinic waiting room, lobby or business areas.

Bottom Line

I hope you guys are aware of choosing the best guest chairs and how to get them from the right manufacturers. If you have queries regarding the above products, feel free to ping me anytime through the comment section below.

What type of guest chairs are you using for your reception, office, home, lobby, clinic or any business places?

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