Top 10 Best L Shaped Desk

Top 10 Best L Shaped Desk

Are you a person who works from home and in search of the best desks or furniture that make you help focus on the work with much comfort for performing your job peacefully? (Or) You are the one who is looking for the right office desk for your high professional employees?

If yes, this article is just for you!

Working from Home is one of the complicated options to deal with, as getting concentration on your job in the midst of family members is hard.

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk

Bush Furniture L Shaped Desk

  • 4 port USB hub
  • Scratch resistance
  • Reversible Hutch mounts
  • Flip-up fluted glasss door
  • Add Additional Convenience

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A peaceful place at your home where no one can disturb you is more important for delivering hundred percent results, sitting on the couch or bed and performing office work can be frustrating and causes discomfort to work.  

To overcome all the struggles, adapting to a real desk in the corner of your bedroom or any tranquil room would be better. There are many different types of desk available in various size, shapes, etc., but incorporating the hottest trend for your home can be a wise choice.

The present hottest trend in the furniture or desk category that is gaining too much craze among the customers is the L Shaped Desks. Today let’s have a deeper look about this attractive, stylish, comfortable and modern L Shaped Desk, buying the guide and the top products below.

Table: Top 10 Best L Shaped Desk

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10 L Shaped Desk Reviewed

Choosing the right type of L shaped desk based on your expectation and preference is confusing and terrible as there are a huge number of manufacturers available in the market.

To help you guys our professional team from Bungee site has researched, analyzed and undergone few testings to show off the top 10 best products of L Shaped Desk from ten different manufacturers.

Apart from the personal testing, the picks also depend on the various factors like customers reviews, ratings, professional recommendation, suggestions and much more.

1. Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk

No wonder in Bush furniture topping the first place in our best picks of L Shaped Desks as they are one of the manufacturers who has developed thousands of stylish and successful products for office, home, etc. This has been delivered huge number of rewards from the customers as well as by the top newspapers and websites.

Bush Furniture L Shaped Desk

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Prefer to purchase this L Shaped desk for your home or office if you are looking for functional, comfortable, elegant and traditional look providing desk, this product is being the hottest selling L Shaped Desk in the present market.

The unique feature of this product is its space saving design, developed with multiple and advanced technology features for providing the maximum convenience and comfort while working. While considering the finishing options, there is three fine option included namely book cases, storage cabinets, and drawers.

The cable management system indulged in this L shaped desk is organized correctly and neatly, there are three bookcases so that you can store any small or large files with ease. The chrome finished hardware is eye catchy and therefore liked by most of them.

The soft tray is built on the corner and also hold electronics or phone, contain a USB HUB which includes four ports. The price is high but worth the money invested for the L Shaped Desk, comes with a dimension of 59.5X59.5 X 66.7 inches and weighs about 214 pounds. Available in three attractive colors namely Harvest Cherry, Espresso Oak and Heather Gray.

2. Monarch Specialties L-Shaped Desk

One of the best looking L Shaped Desk, when fitted in the corner from the popular and spectacular manufacturer Monarch Specialities, has captured the second place in our best picks of L Shaped Desks. The contemporary style along with wood material provides the traditional vibe to your home office. The color itself is eye catchy so that anyone who looks at this product will have a thinking of buying it.

Monarch Specialties L-Shaped Desk

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Installing and assembling the product is so simple, it is built along with the multiple drawers and cabinets so that you choose this L Shaped desk if you are in need of small or larger desk for storing all your stack files, papers, books, etc.

This L shaped desk comes with a hutch and built with a dimension of 24 inches in length, 15 inches in width and 12 inches in height, you will be able to store anything you need based on your convenience. The complete L Shaped work desk is available with the dimension of 47 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 31 inches in height.

There are more than five drawers for holding your files, and this is built with the dimension of 14 inches in length, 13 inches in depth and 14 inches in height. The shelf in the L shaped desk can be adjusted based on your preference.

The price of the product is high but valuable when considering the L shaped desk, available in multiple colors namely Cappuccino, natural, white and Dark Taupe, the weight of the product is about 136.4 lbs.

3. Sauder L Shape Desk

Looking for a traditional looking L shaped desk for placing at the corner of your home office?

If yes, this product will be the opt choice and the manufacturer who has developed this desk has indulged multiple unique features in making the product a unique one among other L Shaped Desks, this ranks third in our best picks of L shaped desks.

Sauder L Shape Desk

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The cleaner, brighter and elegant look attracts everyone to prefer for their home or office. A person who needs to store small or larger files can choose this L Shaped desk as they are developed with two lower shelves for storing any items or materials and two drawers along with the full extension slides for storing your file or papers.

The file drawers are developed to hold hanging files, and therefore every item in your home office is organized properly for the optimal performance. The lintel oak accent on all sides is better in appearance wherever they are adapted. There are mouse or keyboard shelf and are slid out.

There are drawers and doors on either side for the additional storage, comes with the dimension of 66.1 inches in length, 66.1 inches in width and 30.3 inches in depth. Available in multiple colors and are about 175 pounds in weight. The price of the product is high but worth the money spent over the L Shaped desk.

4. Coaster Home Furnishings Coaster Yvette L Shape Desk

Multiple manufacturers produce a different style of products. In the line, Coaster Home Furnishing involves building the unique type of styles for their customers and this L Shaped desk from them has captured the fourth place in our best picks of L shaped desk.

Coaster Home Furnishings Coaster Yvette L Shape Desk

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The rustic style and the color appearance provide the unique look for your home office; the table set includes multiple features to make them ideal among other L Shaped Desks. The bracket look along with the wheels makes your transportation easier.

The wheels are functioned better for the optimal performance; this is connected to the storage shelf that is made of metal grid. The unique feature indulged in this L Shaped desk is that they come with the reversible setup along with an articulating return.

Built with two drawers on one side, open shelves and file cabinet on another side of the l shaped desks, the cabinet is capable of holding any legal file sizes perfectly. Comes with the dimension of 63.8 inches in length and 29.5 inches in height.

Available in multiple colors namely Cappuccino, White and Weathered Grey, the price of the product is expensive but worth the money spent on the L Shaped Desk.

5. Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Desk

Are you looking for a modern, stylish and attractive L shaped desk for just working online without the help of any storing capacity? Then this desk would be the right pick for your home office.

Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Desk

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This contemporary style l shaped desk is built to be sleek and modern, made of high-quality steel and therefore you are assured for the durability. The tempered glass used is thick and safe to work with, this simple, modern and elegant looking l shaped desks are preferred by most of them for their extraordinary configurations.

On the either side of the desk, you will be able to mount the mouse or keyboard tray; I assure that this would be the perfect addition to your home office. The CPU stand that is autonomous along with the keyboard tray compliments any room perfectly.

The only disadvantage of the product is that they do not indulge any excessive shelves, cabinets or drawers. Built with the dimension of 20 inches in length, 51 inches in width and 29 inches in height. Available in multiple colors namely Smoke, multi, black, white and silver, the price of the product is affordable and therefore fit within your budget.

6. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk

Purchasing the right type of L shaped desk based on your room type and other specifications involve multiple checkings.  While considering this Ameriwood Home’s L Shaped Desk, this would be the greater selection if you are looking for a desk just for performing your work without any files or papers, this ranks sixth in our best picks.

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk

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The top surface of the desk is built large and contains a vast space for storing your laptop, PC, other essential items. The product is developed to be stylish, modern and adds a perfect addition to any dorm room, bedroom or home office. Two grommets are developed within the desk to manage and organize cords.

There are open shelves on the side of the desks to hold books and binders; the desk comes with the dimension of 16 inches in height, 16 inches in width and 8 inches in diameter.

The highly finishing dark russet cherry provides a vibrant look to the room, the maximum weight capacity the desk hold is up to 100 lbs. Available in different colors, while considering the price they are affordable in rate.

7. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

If you are in need of simple designed L Shaped Desk, then this Tribe Signs desk would be the opt choice for you as they have developed multiple features within the simple product for the successful and this ranks seventh in our best picks of L Shaped Desks.

Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

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The desk involves rectangular desktops, two numbers one with 49.21 inches and another one is built with 47.24 inches. There are metal legs which are made of high-quality materials for the reliability and durability.

This two feature combines to form an L shaped desk with ease; the attractive round corner designed developed with more safety is one of the ideal features of this product. The legs pads can be adjusted and also this helps in keeping the table stable in the uneven floor too.

The CPU stand makes the CPU storage simpler, the M style design indulged in the buckle makes the assembling faster and easier. They are developed to be rugged, sturdy and reliable for the optimal performance; this keeps supporting multiple desktops and laptops without any confusion.

The price of the product is affordable so that you can get the best type of L shaped desk within your budget, available in two colors namely white and teak. Comes with the dimension of 66.1X49.2X29.1 inches, they weigh about 55.1 pounds.

8. Z-Line Designs L-Shaped Desk

Looking for a modern, stylish and attractive L shaped desk for your home office? If yes, prefer to choose this desk from Z Line, one of the top manufacturer in producing home and industrial products for various uses and this ranks eighth in our best picks.

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The sleek design attracts everyone to choose them; the frame is made of high-quality metal that is developed with reinforced plates, apart from that the powder coated finish provides the extra vibe to the product. The tempered glass that is of 6mm/5mm is placed on the top of the desktop, keyboard tray, and display shelf.

The hardware required for assembling this L shaped desk is available within the product, measures about 60 inches in width, 24 inches in depth and 37 inches in height. The manufacturer is providing life time warranty for the limited time so that you can get the product without any hesitation.

The monitor shelf has been developed to be raised for viewing with comfort, weighs about 96.5 pounds in weight. Available in two main colors namely clear glass and black border glass.

9. GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

One of the reliable manufacturers who have developed thousands of products for home office, home and industries have designed this product with multiple functionalities to show it unique among other desks available. They have developed this l shape desk with simple designs, but the output and durability are reliably high, this ranks ninth in our top 10 picks.

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

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MDF provides the classy and vibrant look to your room; this ensures the durability and reliability. Saves your spaces and fits perfectly within a short space, the frame is developed to study, and the architectural look enhances stronger support to the office essentials.

The frame is designed to be sturdy so that there are no chances for movement or shaking, the foot cups can be adjusted based on the peripheral and monitor. Assembling the product is simpler as all the hardware are available within the product.

Available in Black comes with the dimension of 61 inches in length, 19.1 inches in width and 29.1 inches in depth and weighs about 37.2 pounds in weight.

10. Best Choice Products L-Shape Desk

One of the highly preferred manufacturer by most of the customers is this Best Choice product, they have delivered this product with many functionalities to make them a unique one among other L Shaped desk and this rank tenth in our top ten best picks.

Best Choice Products L-Shape Desk

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This L Shaped desk is made of wood that provides the classy, beautiful and modern look, indulges a drawer for holding the keyboard and comes with a stand for placing the computer tower.

The frames are developed to be sturdy so that there is no chance for shaking or disturbance while performing your office work. Holds necessary features for holding all essential office and other supplies.

Assembling is made easier with the instruction, comes with the dimension of 59 inches in length, 55 inches in width and 29.5 inches in height. The high-quality wood ensures you for the durability, weighs about 46.3 pounds and available in two primary colors namely white and black. The price of this product is less than other l shaped desk indulged in this article.

L Shaped Desk Buying Guide

A good L shaped desk need to be supportive, convenient and provide the maximum comfort for the person who is using it, this L Shaped desks are available in multiple styles, colors, shapes, and materials so that you can choose the one that you like.

Let’s know, how you need to buy an L Shaped Desk if you are in the decision to purchase for your home or office from store or online.

Few Important Characteristics

There are a lot of factors you need to look for while selecting an L shaped Desk, proceed below to check them in detail.

Based on your Need of surface space

You need to know how much space you can adapt at your home or office to hold this L Shaped Desk, also know how much surface area you will need to keep all things that are necessary to perform your work with maximum comfort.

If you just need to place a laptop, computer, stack of files, paper, book, etc., then a smaller desk would be the best choice. In the case of storing larger files, then you need to adapt to an L shaped desk that indulges drawers at sides to hold the items and materials so that you can manage it in an organized way for the optimal performance.

Based on your Style

Mostly, L shaped desk would opt for the corners perfectly when compared to an open space in the home, but in the case of an office, an L shaped desk would even look good in public space too.

Based on Materials

L Shaped Desks are made of various materials like metal, glass, wood, etc., you can choose the one that you are comfortable with. If you are looking to provide modern vibe to your home or office, then select the metal or glass L shaped desks.

For the traditional look, you can go with wooden desks. Prefer cherry wood or mahogany for providing a sophisticated and classic appearance for your home office.

Based on Budget

Everyone has a budget for a product while considering the L Shaped Desks they are mean to stay for an extended period and provide you the deeper comfort while working, so investing an enormous amount on it will not go wrong.

Choosing the low-quality material desk will need replacement within a year, so never forget to pick the one that you prefer for the comfort rather the price.

Based on the Brand and manufacturer

Once you have decided to purchase an L Shaped desk, the first thing you need to know is the dealer, manufacturer and the brand you are going to choose the product from. There are thousands of brands and product manufacturers available in the market, but it’s not assured that everyone will provide the quality furniture even if they are expensive.

Some of the popular brand and manufacturers who are keen in developing the L Shaped Desk based on the customer’s expectation and comfort includes Bush Furniture’s, Best  Choice Products, Sauder, Coaster, Tribesigns, Ameriwood, Walker Edison, etc.

Final Thoughts

So I hope you guys are clear in choosing the right type of L Shaped Desk for your Home office or office to place on the corner or in any open space from the above buying guide and top 10 picks.

Any ideas, suggestions, and queries regarding the topic are welcome.

Are you using or have you used already any one of the above L Shaped Desk for your home or office? If so, share your experience with us!

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.