Top 10 Best Massage Tables

Top 10 Best Massage Tables

Top 10 Best Massage Tables 2020

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 5:58 am

Massage is one of the perfect ways to make you relax, active and cool everyday, choosing the right massage table is more important to enjoy the complete benefits of a Massages.

The massage table helps to improve your body health that means it can improve blood circulation and provide relaxation. Besides, using massage table is an effective way to reduce your breathing problems, stress, and body pain. Many massage tables available in the market but picking the right one is difficult, Don’t undervalue the benefit of the massage table, which includes all features like adjustable, foldable, portable, and flexible for your needs. 


Earthlite Eco-Friendly Portable Massage Table

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX

  • Hard Maple
  • Quality material
  • Superior Comfort
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sustainable Wood


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If you are searching for the massage table for your business or own use, our article leads you to purchase a better one. In our article, my team listed 10 best massage tables under the expert’s reviews, which are portable and lightweight. These massage tables come with updated features such as adjustable backrest, hand pallet, hardwood frame structure, and headrest. One prominent thing in your routine lifestyle will lead your life more extend so buy a massage table and live your life healthier. 

Today we’ll check out some of the best Massage Tables from top brands who are popular for their high end quality, performance and comfort provided.

Table: Top 10 Best Massage Table 2020

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10 Standing Massage Table Reviewed

Selecting the quality massage tables means you are assured for the comfortable massaging experience, proceed below to check out the top 10 best massage table from the good manufacturers in the market, apart from that you can also check out the Buying Guide on the Massage Tables at the end of the article.

1) Earthlite Eco-Friendly Portable Massage Table

If you are looking for a stronger, portable, attractive and lightweight massage table, then Earthlite Massage table would be the best bet and this ranks first in our best picks of massage table. The best massage table is filled with multiple specifications to make the product a unique one.

The massage table is developed with high grade hardwood frame  maple construction for long time durability and improved strength when compared to lighter wood frame, apart from that the massage table uses half & half endplates and aircraft grade steel.

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX

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The Earthlite table is considered to be all in one massage table rugged nylon carry case, polygel blend face cradle cushion etc as the advanced feature, the table can be easily folded thus it just occupy minimum space and compatible for storage as well transportation is made easier.

The massage table is designed to be squeak proof and holds up to 600lbs weight capacity, the table has been designed to last for years in case of professional as well as personal use. The advanced features of the table includes sure grip knobs, non slip stable feet, dual maple outlets, piano hinge of full length for strength.

The massage tables are designed for superior comfort, includes wonderful  features, three years of lifetime limited warranty, adjustable and patented face cradle, measures about 33 pounds in weight and come with the dimension of 73 x 30 x 33 inches. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the massage table. The overall design is excellent and armshelf is great for your purchase.


  • Hardwood maple construction
  • Polygel blend face cradle cushion
  • Sure grip knobs


  • Little hard cushion

2) Saloniture Folding Professional Massage Table

The second one in our best picks of Massage table is for the reliable brand Salioniture who has developed multiple massage related products for their consumers.

This folding massage table can be used for both personal and professional all days use, the table contains deluxe cushioning which offers extra comfort for your clients or for yourself, the armrest wings and tabletop are composed of high-density foam and two inches thick layers, the face pillow consists of 3 inches of foam along with a removable cover.

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The massage table is made of precision grade materials along with unique features namely durable cables developed using good steel for the strong support, hardwood frame, holds up to 450 pounds of weight. The headrest can be easily adjusted and this comes with a bending-resistant, high-quality composite support, wrapping etc.

The luxurious massaging tables from Saloniture are made up of sturdy material but lighter in weight which is the best part of the massage table, which comes with just 30 pounds in weight but includes many high advantages for the clients. The massaging table comes with nylon carrying case along with side pocket and adjustable shoulder straps to hold supplies, oils and for the comfortable experience.

This model is comparatively covered with PU Synthetic Leather, vegan friendly material, PU Synthetic leather etc and the table is completely water and oil proof. There are some detachable accessories available which helps in customizing the table as each client differ from each other, there is an arm sling  and a winged armrests for the comfortable repositioning.

The price of the table is high but worth the money invested on the product, measures about 36.7 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 36 inches in length, 71/4 inches in width and 61/2 inches wide.


  • Deluxe cushioning
  • High-density foam
  • Two inches thick layers


  • No leg lockouts

3) Sierra Comfort Waterproof Massage Table

The third product in our best picks of massage table is captured by the popular brand of massage table Sierra Comfort, this model includes multiple functionalities that makes the popular one.

The massage table can be derived as the massage bundle with portable sheet, table and accessories, they are made of superior-grade and high-density foam deck with beech hardwood frame so that they last long for an extended period.

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The facial cradle, armrest and other arm support are developed to be removable so that you can make use of them whenever needed, they are also oil resistant and waterproof in general. The fitted sheets in the massaging table are 100 % cotton materials and therefore last longer.

The oil pouch, semi-circle bolster, and towel hanger are some top features of the massage table, they also comes with a carrying bag which measures about 72 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 33 inches in height. The massage table can hold up to 450 lbs of weight and the manufacturer provides five year warranty for the product so that you can get it without any hesitation.

The height of the massaging table can be adjusted from 23 to 33 inches, comes with Semi-Circle Bolster, Sheets, Face Cradle, Carry Bag etc. The price of the table is high but worth the money invested on the massaging table, measures about 35.3 pounds in weight.


  • Oil pouch
  • Facial cradle
  • Semi-circle bolster


  • Single stitched straps

4) Master Massage Portable Memory Foam Massage Table

The fourth product is for the high end quality manufacturer Master Massage, the developed has designed thousands of successful massaging products for their customers.

The massage tables comes with 31 inches width, 72 inches in length and 34 inches in height with the weight range of just 37 lbs. The cell foam is developed of 3 inches thick cushion and are considered to be denser when compared to other foam styles. It don’t need high storage space and offers great massages.

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The PU Upholstery is developed in black color for the impressive look and they are also oil and water-resistance, CFC free which is provided with five years guarantee so that you can get this model table without any hesitation. The therma top bed that is built in within the table indulges a lot of therapeutic benefits and relaxation to clients, apart from that they are also ETL and EMR safe certified by North American Safety Standards.

Some of the free accessories included in the massage table includes Carrying Case, Armrest Shelf that are fully padded, armrest pad gives better support and easy to adjust. Face cradle that are ergonomic and can be adjusted as per the users and clients. The massage table is made of Hi-Gloss Mahogany which provides the attractive protected finish, the table is made of hard European and Beech wood frame, they are also capable of holding a weight capacity of 750 lbs.

The Reiki Leg panel is double the thickness of standard leg panels and this increase the strength of the table legs, the shiatsu cable helps to place your tables flat on the floor. The DUO-PLANE hinges design provide maximum strength of your table.

The weight of the table is high but worth the money invested on the massage tables, weighs about 37 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 38 x 32 x 10 inches.


  • PU Upholstery
  • Hi-Gloss Mahogany
  • 3 inches thick cushion


  • Uncomfortable face cradle

5) Best Massage Portable Massage Table

The fifth product in our best picks of massage table is for the reliable manufacturer BestMassage, who has developed thousands of massage and body products for their consumers at a reasonable rate.

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The headrest of the massage tables are versatile as well as come with a half round bolster and face pillow to provide support during the massages. The sheet is manufactured with smooth cloth. The pad design is 77 inches long, 30 inches wide and 4 inches in height.

The packs consist of accessories like free carry case, headrest, bolster etc that is essential for performing massage, they are made of superior-grade PU Leather and therefore you are assured for durability, they are oil and water-proofed.

The price of the product is reasonable, measures about 80 pounds in weight. The Massage table is capable of holding 600 LBS weight and ideal for students, home users, professional business, new practitioners etc.


  • Free carry case
  • Half round bolster
  • Adjustable headrest design


  • Too heavy

6) Healthline Massage Products Professional Massage Table

The sixth process in our best picks of massage table is for the effective and reliable manufacturer Healthline Massage Products, this model has come up with all necessary features needed in a massage table.

Healthline Massage Products Professional Massage Table

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The massage table can be adjusted in three different sections and also comes with face cradles, armrest and few other function which can be removed as per the use of the table.

The height of the massaging table can be adjusted between 26 to 33 inches and there people with any height can make use of it, the leg lock promises you for the extra safety, the table is capable of bearing up to 500 LBS weight and they are made of superior-grade PU leather, water-resistant and oil resistant.

The massage table is made of high-density foam deck with 2.5 inches thickness and they are developed with more comfort for the clients to lie down during the massage.

The pad corners are designed to be rounded in size and there protect the professional therapist from the sharp corners. The massaging table is used for multi purposes as they have lower section angle that can be adjustable as well as backrest easy to adjusting options. This table is expensive but it is reasonable and measures about 76 pounds in weight.


  • Face cradles
  • Round pad corners
  • Three different sections


  • Its sqeaky

7) Merax Folding 3 section Massage Table

The Merax holds seventh place in our best picks of Massage table and this come up with multiple feature to showcase them top among other competitors.

The width of the massage table is about 27 inches and therefore every body parts can be completely supported with even pressure distribution for smoother and comfortable. The side arms in the massage table can be removed to make it suitable for obese clients.

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The headrest can be adjusted as per the requirement and this helps the client to be seated in different positions, the backrest can also be adjusted as per the comfort level of the user. The massage table is all in one bed and can be used for Facial Spas, Tattoo, Massages and much more.

This Bestmassage table models come in two colors namely in the combination of black and red, red etc for providing the best appearance, the table does not require any tools for assembly and can be easily set up within minutes. It offers much storage space and can provide multiple facilities to the user. The table is able to hold up to 500 LBS and comes with the dimension of 73 inches in length, 27 inches in width and the height ranges from 24 to 32 inches.

The price of the product is affordable and falls within your budget therefore you can get this Merak massage table models without any hesitation, measures about 37 lbs in weight and therefore portable. The massage table comes with number of free accessories namely free hanging arm shelf, adjustable headrest, superior carry case and free side arm extenders.


  • Simple assembly
  • Free side arm extenders
  • Even pressure distribution


  • Big face hole

8) Earthlite Portable Avalon Massage Table

The manufacturer who have ranked first in our best picks of massage table has also captured the eighth place, they are the premier massage equipment manufacturer company incorporated in 1987, till now they have been developing array of professional equipment for massage at reasonable rates.

Earthlite Portable Avalon Massage Table

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The massage table comes in different colors namely Amethyst, Burgundy, Black, Latte, Sterling, Mystic Blue, Vanilla Creme, Teal so that people can choose preferred color as per their interior or other need.

The massage table is considered to be a massage table package with multiple features like patented flex rest self which helps in adjusting the face cradle and they are made of form fit memory cushion for the comfort and the sheet smooth and easy to use for therapists and others.

The 23/4 cushioning system helps to provide the softness and they are developed to be responsive. The upholstery is made to be soft and the corner is made rounded for the support. There is a guaranteed squeak proof which helps in providing the truss strength for the stability.

The manufacturer offers three years warranty and weighs about 34 lbs in weight. The price of the product is affordable and falls within your budget so that you can get the product without any confusion.


  • Patented flex rest self
  • Different color options
  • Form fit memory cushion


  • Defective upholstery

9) Best Massage Portable U1 Massage Table

The ninth product in our best picks of massage table is for the bestmassage who have developed dozens of massage related products for their customers.

Best Massage Portable U1 Massage Table

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The padding is made 2 inches thick and made of Burch with good hardwood frame construction for durability, the massage table comes with versatile features and removable face cradle in the cream color along with the superior carry case as the added benefits.

The height of the bestmassage table can be adjusted between 26 to 36 inches and capable of holding up to 450 lbs of weight. The massage table is made of foam padding which sheet is water and oil proof, the front and black plate is made thicker for the safe and sturdy massage. The price of the product is less, measures about 70 pound sin weight.


  • 2 inches thick padding
  • Premium quality Burch
  • Removable face cradle


  • Too lightweight

10) Master Massage Portable Sand Color Massage Table

The tenth product in our best picks of massage table is for the reliable manufacturer Master Massage, this product comes with ideal functionalities to showcase themselves different design  from other competitors.

Master Massage Portable Sand Color Massage Table

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The massage table comes with the dimension of 30 inches in width, 84 inches in length and 24 to 34 inches in adjustable height, this type of massage table also made of premium grade construction materials for the stability.

The three inches multi-layer cell foam cushion is denser when compared to the standard foams and the table is capable of holding 750 lbs easily, this is possible through the aircraft cable which is made of good steel with 1500 lbs weight.

The upholstery is created to be water and oil resistant, also CFC free and therefore you can prefer getting the massage table. The beige and sand color makes the table look attractive, the manufacturer also offers 2 years guarantee and easy to handle, so that get the product without any hesitation.

Additional accessories included in the massage table includes face pillow, face cradle, two pocket carrying case, contoured arm rest shelf and much more. The price of the table is less when compared to other massage tools, measures about 34 pounds in weight.


  • Aircraft cable
  • Holding 750 lbs
  • Multi-layer cell foam


  • Pillow is too hard

Best Massage Tables – Buying Guide

Once you are ready with the products to choose you need to check whether the below features are present in the massaging table for the best results.

Massage Tables – How to Choose?

There are several types of factors to be mind while purchasing a massage tables and those are explained below.

The Table Purpose

You need to know what type of massage you require so that you can choose the right massage table as required, know whether its spa, facial, physical, occupational or any other massage therapy, you are going to get them as side activity or for a professional business to be used for a whole day?

Massage Table Mobility

You need to determine whether you need a massage table that can be portable or a fixed one. Stationary massage tables are more sturdy, strong, holds more weight and also provides the aesthetic appeal to the product, this also comes with complete features like tilt tops.

You can stick with electric tables if you have decided to get a stationary table, in this type the height can be adjusted by pressing on the foot pedal and this is the best option for disabled clients or injured patients.


Higher foam and cushion means you have gone with a comfortable table for the massaging, if you have chosen the table with little padding  then this may give your clients a negative experience like lying down on a bare wood facing down. Make sure the thickness of the padding is around 3 inches for the best experience.

Quality Level

Massage tables offer different price level and I would like to suggest you not to choose the cheaper ones as they may not come for an extended period or will not be strong enough to hold weight including sheet. Go for the quality ones so that your client or yourself will feel safe, relaxed and comfortable on the table.


The massaging tables comes with a width that falls between 28 to 35 inches, this should be chosen based on your personal preference to make your clients comfortable and safe. Wider tables are best for taller people and short practitioners can stick with narrow tables.


The major feature you should consider in a massage table is the stability endplates, your table will be stable when its lower and larger down. Massage tables come with lower and thick endplates, some manufacturer provides you half and half end plates and few other with full.


Weight of the massage table can be separated into three numbers, the first one is the massage table weight, make sure you go with the table with 30 and 40 pounds for the considerable and excellent experience and portability.

Static weight Vs Working Weight

Working weight is the number you need to pay your attention, this is the weight your table can hold regularly, it means the added bolster, clients weight used when massaging and your pressure you apply on the client.

Static weight means the weight that is dropped on the table without breaking them, the number is generally high but it has much relevance to the daily table operations.

Extra Features

If you require special features like internal heating, tilt tops etc for more convenient, you need to prefer noting them on the massage table, this means the easy to use, flexibility, versatile and improved experience.

The below selection of Massage Tables are listed based on their performance, customer reviews, ratings, popularity and much more.

Bottom Line

So ready to get your favorite massage table from the above list and guide?

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the Top 10 Massage tables are welcome.

Have you used any of the above best massage tables? If so, share your experience through the comment section below.

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