TOP 10 Shoe Storage Benches Reviews in 2023

TOP 10 Shoe Storage Benches Reviews in 2023

2. SONGMICS Entryway Bamboo Shoe Bench

SONGMICS-Entryway-Bamboo-Shoe-Bench Check Price Features

Dust proof


Has a lot of shoe pairs

High strength steel tube

10 tier holds up to 45 pair

It is made from 100 percent natural bamboo; the SONGMIC 3-tier bamboo shoe offers a unique and elegant way to store your shoes and other items. It looks sturdy in design and allows storing the shoes, entryway, closet, balcony and among other places. You can store more than just your shoes and also add a pillow to make it more homely as well as comfortable.

Constructed with heavy-duty materials and it is built for the long haul and fits into even narrow spaces. This leather shoe storage bench can easily hold your shoes and your weight it works as an average shoe rack. These shoe racks are not only durable but also highly reliable this brand makes the shoe racks the best.

Since they are made of bamboo it is 100% natural and environment-friendly. These shoe racks make the room more elegant and vibrant because it adds extra decor to space. The damp proof coating makes it easy to clean and the smooth edges prevent snagging.


  • Holds up to 264 Lbs
  • Damp-proof coating
  • Solid wood construction


  • Long assembly time

3. Homfa Natural Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench


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6 tier available

Assembly required

Extra storage space

Large storage space

Made up of sustainable bamboo

The Homfa natural shoe racks look stylish and it is built with bamboo which has a smooth surface and rounded corners. It is one of the best stable and non-toxic furniture pieces so you may use it for a long time.

It is not only used for keeping the shoes but also has a longer slot to stack magazines, boxes and your favorite pair of boots. The rounded corner makes it even more elegant and it is a safe piece of furniture to have in homes with children. The heavy-duty metal frame which is chromate as well as makes the rack durable to last for a longer period of time.

Designed with removable built-in fittings which are more stable and durable than using a self-tapping screw so it is easy to assemble. It is slim enough for narrow entryways and hallways it is earth-friendly furniture to buy for your home. The foam padded seat is very cozy and supportive even to heavy people.


  • Non-toxic
  • Hold 220 lbs
  • Eco-friendly materials


  • Thin wood

4. Whitmor 4 Tier Floor Shoe Rack


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Easy assembly

10 tier stand

Durable lifespan

Made up of metal

Simple storage up to 20 pairs

The Whitmor 4 tier shoe rack looks unique and it is one of the well-made accessories with a durable white frame made of high-grade resin.  The shoe cabinet has been constructed with rust-resistant and long lasting screw.

This storage rack serves as a pleasant place to put your shoes and set them aside and it is big enough to wear a pair of shoes. You can also use it on open places where shoes have the tendency to pile up such as garage or entryway.

It fit perfectly in your closet under hanging clothes because of its vertical, sturdy design. The rack is extremely easy to set up and it is possible to assemble within a short time without any tools.

The bars come with a non-slip coating to help keep the shoes in place. This versatile shoe racks can store both the male and female shoes from flip-flops to loafers to sneakers to boots to heels etc. It is designed with a durable resin construction.


  • Easy installation
  • Epoxy coated steel
  • Store 20 pairs of shoes


  • No non-slip bars

5. Prepac Espresso Shoe Cubbie Bench


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Easy assembly

Build with woods

For dual-purpose

Storage with bench style

Furnished with espresso laminate

The Prepac Shoe Cubbie bench can hold 18 pairs of shoe at once. This shoe rack is the great option for you if you have a large family or if you just want to set up multiple choices for yourself before opening the door.

The woods in this construction are laminated, composite and have CARB complaint together with sturdy MDF backer. It is made from high-quality and durable polymer plastic to serve for a long time. The shoe rack is snap to assemble because it is made of steel that will neither break easily nor buckle or fall apart.

There is a foam padded cushiony seat which is very supportive and comfortable for everyone. Prepac also offers other matching accessories to go with the trendy and modern style. It is better suited for deeper entryways; if your entryway is larger on one side then you may need to consider a smaller shoe storage rack.


  • CARB-compliant
  • 200 lbs weight capacity
  • Espresso laminate finishing


    Stimulated wood

6. SONGMICS Shoe Storage Ottoman Bench


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Sturdy structure

Made up of faux leather

Easy to set up and fold

Clean with a damp cloth

The narrow design of SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottoman allows for it to fit in tight spaces without looking out of place. It uses a divider on the inside to separate your space for optimum usage.

This rack has a huge storage compartment which is better to keep all your things. It is not very difficult to remove and set up, as it overlays into a flat shape that helps you save space. It will look amazing in many places including a hallway, bedroom, kitchen, and cloakroom.

The solidly built unit is spacious and will hold a quite number of shoes for improved organization. Some are perfect for small shoes whereas some are good for large ones. The elevated height makes seating on the unit or placing the legs convenient.

The top compartment is suited for placing smaller items like shoe polish, rags, keys among others. The padded cushion seat provides a comfortable seating area when putting on or taking off the shoes.


  • Large storage box
  • Faux leather finish
  • Holds up to 660 Lbs


  • Bad odor

7. Winsome Dayton Storage Hall Bench with Shelves


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Walnut finish

Assembly required

3 shelves for storage

Serves as a seating and shoe storage

Build with solid and composite wood

It comes with a decent size and adequate space for holding several pairs of shoes. It can fit any type of shoes including knee-high boots, low-cut boots, sneakers and normal shoes. The interior part of the rack protects the shoes from scratches while the good ventilation makes them dry.

It is designed with small size but offers enough space to hold a few shoe sets. The compartments are large enough to hold a wide selection of shoes like a tennis shoe, high boots, and shoes. It is a large resin-wood composite utility rack designed for storing woods and it is stackable.

This shoe rack is designed to snap together to ease assembly so you can set it up very quality without the need of tools. It is made to work smoothly with other 24 inches wide stackable storage organizers to optimize space usage. You can get this unique model in driftwood, white oak, rustic oak and grey wash.


  • Huge wide racks
  • 200 lbs capacity
  • Premium quality wood


Light weighted

Can break easily

8. SONGMICS 2-Tier Entryway Shoe Storage


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Easy to assemble

Available in 4 tier

Made up of dense metal

Adjustable with slant or flat

It works perfectly as an entryway bench or a shoe rack organizer. The comfy cushioned seat with faux leather cover holds up to 440 lbs which is convenient to maintain. The metal legs are covered with dull polish and feature a two-tier design as well as padding on the bottom to protect your floors.

But there will not be enough space to place your boots so the flats and sneakers need to find another storage. The bottom is solid so you can put heavy stuff in there without being afraid that the material will tear.

It is also tall enough to work as a hallway bench which adds cushion for extra comfort. This is a well-crafted storage unit that is made from hard-wearing spruce wood to offer long-lasting support. The storage bench has a different sized bin to fit all the shoes like flats, sneakers, and boots.


  • Anti-rust
  • Holds up to 440 lbs
  • Well cushioned seat


  • Squeaky

9. Linon Carmen Shoe Storage Ottoman


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Spot clean

Sturdy wood

Foam construction

Build with microfiber

Side pockets give extra storage

It is durable and has a sturdy rack system that accommodates 36 pairs of shoes. It looks stylish because of fabric covered beige that works well in modern and traditional homes. It also has removable shelves for placing tall boots and a novel snap system that eases assembly with a light portable construction.

From the use of durable materials, it provides a framework for the utilization of waterproof fabric. Easy to install and even easier to keep the shoes arranged, this is one of the best shoe racks out of many other products to buy.

An open design shoe storage bench is great at the front of your house and it is a more aesthetical thing to look in the bedroom. It offers plenty of room for all the shoes you wear frequently because the plush top makes it very comfortable to rest on when you are getting ready. An upholstered bench has hidden storage and sits right at the edge of your bed for easy access.


  • Suits all rooms
  • Plush cushioned top seat
  • Large interior storage space
  • Cons

    Bad stitching

    10. SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack


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    Toolless assembly

    Enough storage space

    Available in 10 tiers

    Made from durable iron

    This shoe rack is durable and has a sturdier rack system which can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes at a time. It comes with a transparent dust-proof cover which helps in keeping your shoes clean. Easy to install has a 10 tier shelving system that keeps the shoes neat and well organized the portable rolling design is easy to set up.

    It is tough chrome themed frill which is constructed of strong and rustproof steel. This rack can be placed in many places including the bedroom and hallway and the good dimension provides adequate space for placing quite a number of shoes.

    The tiers are very practical as well as good to fit different shoe types. The shoe rack is unique properly made and features a durable frame which is made of high-grade resin. They are cheap, space efficient and have novel systems that not only keep the shoe organized but also grant the users easier access when in need.


    • Easy to put together
    • Light and easy to move
    • Stores 50 pairs of shoes



    Things to be Considered When Buying a Shoe Storage Benches


    It’s necessary to consider the sturdy construction of the shoe storage benches so that it will be more stable. These are made up of wood or steel construction which will last for a considerable time. The material is used to determine the strength and more portability. A bamboo bench is built with sustainable bamboo which accommodates from the forest. You can also choose the dust-proof metal benches because it is easy to set up and use.


    There is a cushion padded on the top of the benches which will more comfort on sitting in it and place your leg on the shelves to relax well. A bench with real wood construction makes you comfortable. The bench is quite comfortable and forms a great place whenever you need extra seating space in your house. So you can choose the benches according to the availability of the space in your home.


    The shoe storage bench provides enough space to store your items. It is easy to store pairs of shoes together that have an extra tier which can be fitted just in case you want to increase the storage area. A few benches with drawers or baskets can have more places to store smaller things like keys, umbrellas…etc.There are some folding benches that are easy to set up and folds easily for storage under the bed, closet and in garages.


    These benches offer you comfortable seating in addition to the storage space. You have to choose the bench that is padded with the cushion to provide extra comfort. The seat has a place to sit while putting on or taking off the shoes. Especially, Ottoman benches have extra volume space that is sufficient to meet your needs to place it on the bedroom or living room…etc


    The style and look of the bench are important. You can choose the well-designed benches which have an additional drawer to store your things. It comes with a different variety of sizes and colors you can buy as per your preference. The design of these benches is elegant and brings some classic looks to your home. Songmics benches appearance is classic with faux leather covering that cleans with a simple wipe. Shoe Storage Benches are available in a variety of wood types and in many different finishes to match your interior. Depending on what you prefer there are benches without cushions or with cushion

    Benefits Of Buying Shoe Storage Benches

    In these benches, shoes are stored properly and to helps you to choose quickly what you want to wear. Shoe storage benches are very light in weight so that you can move it wherever you need.The racks which are provided in the benches will give you ample space to keep your boots, sandals and other footwear. You can organize them according to style, size, and design.

    The shoe storage benches with additional drawers helps to keep your socks and some other items… The options for these benches are endless because we are using them in the hallway, living room and even outside the house.One of the benefits of shoe storage benches prevents your shoes from any insecticide and dampness of your shoes.

    It can give you a place to sit to put on or take off your shoes, or it can serve as a place for the kids to put their book bags when they get home from school.A Shoe storage bench provides a comfortable place to sit as you put on your shoes, helping your daily routine go more smoothly. The main benefit of shoe storage benches is, of course, their excellent job of keeping shoes clean and stored well.

    The shelves which are given in the benches are removable and adjustable and allows you to store the number of shoes easily.
    The shoe storage is made up of high-quality wood or metal which is environmentally friendly and durable.It is very practical and useful because you can sit on the bench when wearing your shoes and will be more convenient for you.

    Unlike other options, a shoe storage bench offers both a place to keep your shoes and seating. Most will have a shoe rack or cubby spaces underneath the bench to neatly place your footwear.Benches are available in a variety of wood types and in many different finishes to match your interior. 

    The shoe storage benches are sturdy, and their individual compartments make them a good option if you want each pair of your shoes to have a separate home.It was specially constructed with extra touches to assembly the benches easily without any screw or other equipment.

    Another benefit is that you will have somewhere for yourself and others to sit down when taking off or putting on their shoes when entering or leaving your home.It gives the highest level of protection from dust, sunlight and temperature extremes that can sap leather shoes of their flexibility.

    Simple Tips To Choose The Best Shoe Rack Storage For Your Home

    To get a good quality shoe rack to ensure that the following criteria are present in the rack. Here are some of the factors to consider.

    Shoe racks must be made of fabric so that it will be easy for you to clean. If you have a large number of shoes then you will need a large capacity shoe storage rack.

    The size of the storage rack should depend on where you intend to use the rack. Measure the storage space and then shop for a rack that perfectly fits into space. Racks are available for different type of shoes; if you have high heels and boots then it needs bigger or adjustable racks.

    Consider the number of shoe pairs first after that decide which one suits you. Texture shoe racks are moderate and versatile.

    Shoe storage benches are more than just a random place in your house. It is also important to consider the shoe height, design, color, texture, and if it fits overall with your room. Picking the best shoe bench or shoe rack is usually not easy so you need to choose the perfect item that suits you the most.

    Top 10 Shoe Storage Benches


    My top pick is Home Products Micro Fabric Shoe Rack because it looks good anywhere, it's easy to assemble, it's durable, it offers great storage space and it has a classic decorative look.

    Home Products Micro Fabric Shoe Rack

    • Most of the shoe racks come in an elegant design that complements the surroundings and also does an excellent job of organizing the shoes. It comes with a heavy base that reduces unnecessary movement and also provides good support for legs, and feet, to your body when sitting on it.
    • The shoe rack must be very spacious to provide enough space for shoe storage the sponge cushion can be easily detached to be washed. The shoe bench can fit all your needs as it will help to organize your boots, shoes, and sandals very well. Comfortable leather serves as a good sitting place and it will be a great solution for you if you are looking for a well-designed storage bench.

    It is the best type of shoe rack for users which comes in varieties of colors to choose from. The HomeProducts racks are portable, durable, and easy to install it works well in entry-level as well as cabinets.

    It is a 2-tier shoe storage, that easily removes dirty shoes from the ground, has a soft microfiber and it has a sturdy design. A 2-tier rack it is great for small families and is multi-purpose for organizing shoes. It can be perfectly used as a storage organizer, hallway, and bedroom bench featuring a microfiber fabric seat upholstery cover on a black metal wood or base. The material makes the rack soft and smooth while you place the shoes over it.

    Microfiber upholstery is used for offering a smooth and plush appearance the black/chocolate colors give a trendy look. It is nicely built, multipurpose shoe rack, storage organizer, and hallway bench are one of the top brands you can get in the market. It is possible to keep different kinds of shoes and get them easily without any issues

    Bottom Line

    It is important to choose the style of shoe bench that will fit your users. Shoe racks are cheaper and they are space efficient to keep the shoes in organized manner. It will offer you easier access whenever you are in need.

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