Top 5 Best Task Seats of 2023 Review

Top 5 Best Task Seats of 2023 Review

You can find a lot of different seating furniture in the market with lot of varieties in size, shape, models etc. you need to adapt to the convenient and comfortable seating furniture for the perfect working postures.

FKS-1000 Mogo Stand-up Leaning Seat by Focal Upright


  • Portable
  • Floor and Turf Mode
  • Easy Height Adjustment
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Varies Height Adjustment Positions

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Normally the lower back pain occur due to the bending or leaning postures. To overcome this issue Mogo seats are designed with the upright property, which makes you sit straight and improves your working postures.

5 Task Seats(Best Mogo/Mobis/Pivot seat) Reviewed

Selecting the best Mogo/Mobis/Pivot seat is easy as only a few seats are available in the market. Here you can find the compilation of all seats with its features and specifications. I hope it will help you to have clear idea about these seats.

1. FKS-1000 Mogo Stand-up Leaning Seat by Focal Upright

Focal Upright is the top most brand for Mogo seat which promises the best working postures without causing any pain in the back and neck.


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It offers the Non-slip property that keeps you away from the slipping off on the floor while changing the position. It is easy to clean and maintain. It needs fewer assembly efforts and it reduces the pressure of lower back bone.

The leaning posture allows 130-135 degree of hip-to-torso range. It comes with the single legs that deliver the maximum support to the body. The feet is made of soft and durometer rubber that best for indoor surface and reinforced-fiberglass turf tip design for outdoor such as grass and hard surface.

The position of the feet can be changed based on the surface. It has the ability to tolerate up to 6’2″ height and 300lbs weight.

Check out the embedded youtube video below for the detailed review on Focul Upright Mogo seat .

2. FFS-1000-BK Mobis Stand-up Leaning Seat Focal Upright

This is the best Mobis stand launched bsy Focal upright to improve your working postures. It offers the leaning posture allows 130-135 degree of hip-to-torso range.


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It comes with the single legs that deliver the maximum support to the body. The foot come with the ellipse shaped which provides the maximum stability on the floor.

It is made of Non-slip rim that improves the postures. The leg is made of aluminum coated stainless steel, and the height of the seat can be adjusted with the help of height adjusting lever under the seat.

The extra foam padded thick seat provides the more cushioning and comfort seating experience. You can feel the difference in terms of pressure relief and postures.

3. Portable Travel Seat by SitGo

If you would like to go travel somewhere frequently then this is the best option for you. This is portable Mogo chair that allows you to carry it along with you. It is the best for tours, travel, commuter trains and some other outdoor seating purpose. You no need to wait looking for the chairs to sit. 


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It comes with the small footprint, that allows you to change your position. This is mobile, versatile and resting solution for all surface of the floor. It comes with the royal blue color that makes the seat so attractive.

The height can be adjusted from 25″ to 33″ which is suitable for various height people. It has the ability to accommodate the 300lbs weight.

4. Pivot Pro BMX Seat Post by Black Ops

Black Ops is one of the top most brands of Pivot seats. The seat is unique in design. It comes with the single leg that allows you to sit anywhere. It is best for both indoor and outdoor purpose. This chair is constructed with the Ultra light 6061 forged alloy material that gives the sturdy design.


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The legs are finished with the reinforced construction that makes the product shiny look. The seat is designed with the curved middle shape with stripes that provides the comfort seating experience. The stripe surface provides the maximum grips to the back and which improves the postures. It also comes in another model i.e. Pivot MX-SS BMX. The only difference is that the legs is made of stainless steel.

5. FWS-1000-BK Pivot Seat by Focal Upright Furniture

Focal Upright Furniture released the Mogo, Mobis and Pivot seat as well. This model is pivot chair which comes with the round base foot that makes the stability on the floor. It supports the leaning postures from 130 to 135-degree hip-to-torso which provides the enough good postures. It helps to upright the backbone which helps to relieve the lower back pain and neck pain. This is the best option for both indoor and outdoor.


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The seat comes with the Tri-Flex cushion that measures the extra comfort. The seat is designed with a middle curved shape that keeps you away from slipping down while you sit or change position.

The single leg , that is made of stainless steel with aluminum coated that makes the product sturdy. The rubber base foot provides the maximum suspension while sitting. The height can be adjusted from 26″ to 35 1/2″H with the help of hydraulic height adjustment lever under the seat.

Task Seats Buying Guide

What is Mogo seat/mobis seat/pivot seat?

These seats are similar to the standing desk chair which has only one leg, which makes you sit upright. It allows you to move and take the seat along with you. This is the best choice for travel also. You can change your position frequently whenever you want.

The size of the seat is also adjustable with the micro-adjustment lever. This seat works based on your body pressure. When you sit on this chair your body and foot pressure makes you to stand straight and also you can sit in any position as you need in this mobis seat.

Here is a YouTube video that explains the complete review of Mobis Leaning Seat.

How to choose the Mogo seat/mobis seat/pivot seat?

While choosing these sites you have to consider about material, design and uses.


Normally these seats are made of high-quality stainless steel and metal with foam padded seats. This foam padding seat comes in the center curved design that gives the upright position while sitting on this chair.


The design of this seat should be sturdy enough to improve the postures. It should provide the maximum stability on all floor types. The height adjustment should be easy to change the height of the seat frequently.


These seats are used for various purposes such as discussion, learning, and some other purposes. You have to choose it based on your purpose.

Bottom Line

These type of design focuses the comfort seating and improving the postures. It is the best option for both indoor and outdoor seating. It makes you sit straight which prevents you from the lower back pain. These are all the best Mogo/mobis and pivot seat available in the market. You can make the comparison among this products in terms of features and specification to pick the best one.

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