Top 10 Best Therapeutic (Massage) Chairs Review

Top 10 Best Therapeutic (Massage) Chairs Review

Top 10 Best Therapeutic (Massage) Chairs Review

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In the midst of hectic lifestyles and the busy technological world, it’s important that we spend time to take a break and relax. Through therapeutic massage, you will get the best relief from stress, anxiety, body pain and you can also gain more health benefits.


Full Body Therapeutic Chairs from Best massage

Full Body Therapeutic Chairs from Best massage

  • Easy to Handle
  • With Built-in Sensor
  • Three Control Level
  • Seven Massage Mode
  • Emergengy OFF button


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In this article, you will know how to get an effective massage chair for you, and the top 10 best manufacturers who are providing the high-grade quality therapeutic chairs.

Table: Top 10 Therapeutic (Massage) chairs

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10 Best Therapeutic (Massage) Chairs Reviewed

Let’s look for the top manufacturers who are providing the best rated Therapeutic chairs with all the above-advanced features included within them.

The best picks of massage chairs listed here are ranked in the descending order based on the advanced features, ratings, customers reviews and apart from that we have tested the products with some of the massaging professionals and doctors.

1. Full Body Therapeutic Chairs from Best massage

Best massage, from the name you might have known what are they famous for. Yeah, one of the best manufacturer who introduces unique and advanced products for the purpose of massaging.

Full Body Therapeutic Chairs from Best massage

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Coming to the product, they come with the power rollers, through which you will be able to reduce your stress, anxiety, muscle pain, complete body pain, and apart from that you will feel your mind and body clear and fresh.

The percussion and the compression technology used in the massage chairs will help you to improve the posture of your body(legs, hands), mobility and the flexibility of your body. They consist of a roller system with heating property build within them for the refreshment.

Also, the airbag technology used in the therapeutic chairs will help to maintain the contour, and you can feel the relieve from any pain within a short period. One of the best manufacturer who provides all the advanced features and high-end quality design.

Talking about the price of the product, they are high but worth the money spent for it with their advanced quality features. The weight of the product is about 185 pounds and comes with a dimension of 55X35X42 inches. They are available in three colors namely Black, Brown, and Burgundy.

Here is a YouTube video that contain review about Shiatsu Massage Chair (Model-EC06C) in detail.


  • Very Affordable
  • Easily Assembled
  • Comfortable Arm Area


  • Heavy

2. Shiatsu luxury massage chairs from Ideal Massage

Ideal massage, one of the high-quality inventor of massagers and also provide many products for the massage purpose. They come with 3-D detection which is an unique and intelligent innovation from the manufacturer.

Shiatsu luxury massage chairs from Ideal Massage

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The chair comes with four wheels for rolling the massage chair wherever you need, and the massage hands are responsible for the maintaining a quiet drag.  From a single touch, you can maintain four different programs like kneading, vibrating, shiatsu and spinal rolling.

There are options for both automatic and manual modes in this type of therapeutic massagers. While operating manually, you yourselves need to adjust and control the massage chair.

Some of the massage type included in this massage chairs are speed, airbags, intensity, etc. they also come with a heating system to feel the relaxation of your body muscles. Zero gravity options are also available in this type.

Talking about the price, they are expensive, but worth the penny spent for the product. They are available in three primary colors namely beige, red and brown.


  • Sturdy Roller Wheel
  • Zero-gravity in 3 Modes
  • Good Quality and Length


  • Small Niggles

3. Zero gravity Therapeutic Chair from Massage Chair

Massage chairs are known for their quality and innovative products development. Coming to the product, they come with a unique and new design with two layer shoulder airbags and zero gravity of three levels.

Zero gravity Therapeutic Chair from Massage Chair

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The Manufacturer provides three-year manufacturer warranty; this is the reason why many customers go with them. Comes with heating system, L-track massage system and a body scan technology.

You can also perform automatic yoga programs, foot roller which can be operated dual side on your feet area. You can save more space by using the space-saving technology; this keeps your position of the arm in the correct position to feel the complete massage experience.

The price of this product is high when compared to the other products, and they weigh about 200 pounds  and are available with a size dimension of 46X31X48 inches which comes in a single brown color.


  • Perfect Airbags
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Worth for Money


  • Remote Beep is Noisy

4. Zero Gravity Massage Chair from Real Relax

Real Relax, from the name you might have known about the manufacturer. They provide various products for their customers regarding massage to keep them relax and fresh.

Full Body Therapeutic Chair from Real Relax

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The Manufacturer provides three years warranty, and this comes with preset massage programs which offer you the best massage experience for your complete body. There are advanced features of various massage system available within the product.

There are 35 different airbags provided by the Real relax which can be placed overall your body parts like shoulders, arms, legs, etc. They are of high-end quality side and includes them with the vibration, air squeezes, and heating system.

You can adjust the massager as per your need with the help of the manual mode. The price of this product is high, and they are available in two different colors namely brown and black.


  • Quick Adjustment
  • Premium Speakers
  • True 3D Zero Gravity Design


  • Bit Expensive

5. Full Massager Chair from Relax On Chair

Are you looking for a massager chair with all advanced features and types? Then go for the Relax on Chair Full therapeutic chair without any chaos. Talking about the product, they come with a remote controller for the complete operation.

Full Massager Chair from Relax On Chair

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There are rollers for the firm massages, airbag pressure for your arm and calf, comes with both automatic and manual adjustable programs so that the users can choose their favorite types and programs.

Zero gravity comes in three different stages, and through this, you can feel the relaxation to the core. The innovation used in the product along with the high-grade quality is another plus of this products.

The L tracking massage system associated with this massagers helps in provides a complete full body massage, and this will make you relax more. Beauty hip massager and heating system is another important prospect of this therapeutic chair.

The price of this product is high but worth the money you spent on it. They weigh about 101 pounds and are available in four different colors namely charcoal, white glove delivery, chocolate and brown.


  • L Tracking Massage System
  • Three Different zero Gravity
  • Automatic & Manual Adjustments


  • Expensive

6. Therapeutic Chairs from Earth Lite

Earth Lite, a famous manufacturer, who produces high grade quality massager products, had brought the innovation and uniqueness with the help of this therapeutic chairs. Talking about the product, the massage chair comes with a sternum pad and a carry case which is made of soft materials to safeguard the massage chair from any attack.

Therapeutic Chairs from Earth Lite

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The frame design which is made of aluminum and the oval tube makes the chairs light in weight and strong, this is also considered as one of the professional massage chairs. The operation is simple and quick.

They come with all advanced features like zero gravity, airbags, heating system, etc. and this type can be easily folded toted easily. The Manufacturer provides two years warranty for the cushions provided in the massage chairs.


  • Limited Weight
  • Foldable Roller Wheels
  • Smooth & Nice Sitting Cushions


  • Bit Pricey

7. Tattoo Massage chair from Giantex

Giantex, one of the quality manufacturer of many innovative products has produced this tattoo massage chairs. Talking about the product, the material used in this type of effective tattoo massage chair is completely leather, and the headrest frame alone is made of aluminum.

Tattoo Massage chair from Giantex

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They come with a sternum chair, and this included 2 inches massage chair with a weight capacity of 350 lbs. They are available in the size dimension of 29.5X19X43 inches are available in black.

The bearable weight capacity is about 350 lbs; they can be folded flat when not in use. There is an ultra face cradle which is soft and can be adjustable as per our need. You can change this as per your position of the body.


  • Easy to Set up
  • Sturdy Foot Rest Pad
  • With Adjustment Setting


  • Not for Short People

8. Therapeutic Wobble Chair from The Pettibon System

Are you searching for the wobble chair for reduce the back pain and other body pains at an affordable rate? Then opt to Therapeutic wobble chair without any chaos.

Therapeutic Wobble Chair from The Pettibon System

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There are hydrated discs for rotating purposes, and with this chair, you can easily stretch as per the exercise need. You can perform any warm up exercises in this type of wobble chair to feel the confidence while you play or include yourself in an activity.

The weight of this product is about 28 pounds and are available in black color.


  • Light Weight
  • Affordable Price
  • With Rolling Feature


  • For Workouts Only

9. Perfect Massage Chairs from Human Touch

This type of Massage chairs has the techniques of orbit, stretch, glide motion, etc. to feel the full comfort and effective results. Both auto and manual operation supported with this type of therapeutic chairs. Thick, perform and then recharge for the massage chairs.

Perfect Massage Chairs from Human Touch

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The advanced features like zero gravity, heating system, sternum pad, auto gliding, flex guide, etc. are some of the reason for the power pack performance. The compact massage chairs help to glow your body and mind clearly.

The price of this product is very less if you compare to the above-mentioned products and are available in different colors namely Bone and espresso. Chiropractic doctor named Dr. Jon L. Stucky says that “if you use these massage chairs twice a day, you will be healthy and your quality life will get increased.


  • Auto Program
  • Compact and Light
  • Zone Massage Option


  • No Space-saving Design

10. Recliner Massager Chair from Exacme

Exacme, the manufacturer of high-grade quality products, has produced this massager chair with ease. There are chip control and a smart and simulated manual massager for the effective massages.

Recliner Massager Chair from Exacme

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There is six type of rollers on shoulder and neck for kneading, whereas Twelve different types of rollers on waist and back for kneading. They are made with vibrations on both seat and the leg, to feel the comfort over the body massage.

The price of this product is less as they don’t have every advanced feature, but one of the best massager for monthly use.


  • Space Saving Design
  • Extendable Footrest
  • Air Massage System with Heat Theraphy


  • Weight is not Correct

Massage Chair Buying Guide

Purchasing a Massage chair is not that simple, and foremost you are going to spend a lot of money for it. You need to note down several things while getting a therapeutic chair for you.

What are the Factors you need to know before getting a Massage Chair

Proceed below to check out the attributes you need to know before buying a therapeutic chair for you.

Know How much you are going to spend on these massage chairs

If you are planning to get a high-quality therapeutic chairs with advanced features, the range of this would cost from $3500 to $6500.

Imagine if you are going to a therapist or massage center for massaging, they would cost $300 to $1000 for one hour, apart from if we calculate the traveling time, money spent for traveling for one visit, etc. would cost more than $1500.

So while comparing both, getting a best quality massage chair with every advanced feature would the profit for you.

What are the Massage Functions Included

While considering the low-end therapeutic chairs, you can experience the rolling massage with simple vibration, whereas a high-end therapeutic chair, provides many advanced features like high vibration, rolling, shiatsu, kneading, reflexology, tapping, inversion therapy, etc. which will make your body relieve from any pain.

Know the Massage positions offered by Therapeutic chairs

As you know there are many different massage styles available, most of the therapeutic chairs help to massage the areas beyond your back. You can experience arm, leg, foot, wrist massages in a high quality therapeutic chairs.

Know the range of the massage rollers

Another important prospect you need to note down while getting a therapeutic chair is the range of the massage chairs. Most of the therapeutic chairs will support with width and height of the rollers.

Check whether your therapeutic chair consist of Massage Airbags

Through massage air bags, you will feel the relief from tiredness, stiffness, tension and much more in the areas of your body or the pouches at your back by applying little-pressurized air.

When these airbags are inflated, the blood flow gets stimulated by compressing the muscles. So, while getting a therapeutic chair for you, get the one with airbags and rolling massage. Having this two advanced feature will help to relieve from any body pain.

Check whether the therapeutic chair supports heated massage

Getting a massage chair with heated massage will increase the effectiveness of massage by providing more relaxation to your body and muscles.

Get a Massage Chair with Recline Function and Zero Gravity

If you have the zero gravity supported, you can feel the weightiness like astronaut feel it in the space. This helps to reduce the tension, stress and you will be healthy due to the healthy circulation.

Apart from that can feel the significance of your health benefits if you are doing it continuously.

Know the power of the massage in the therapeutic chair

If your massage chair consists of high numbers of motors, then you will also experience the greater degree of power in the therapeutic chairs.

Check what are the massage programs included in the Therapeutic Chairs

You can find some of the pre-programmed options like times massage, the technology of body-mapping, etc. through which you will be able to adjust the massage settings as per your need.

Other few features to check for

Check for some of the advanced features like chair upholstery, acupoint detection, back support and comfort, etc. and also check for some of the high-end massage techniques like Hawaiian, compression, percussion, kneading, Swedish, rolling, etc. in a therapeutic chair for the complete relief from any body or muscle pain.

Apart from that check for the massage controller, cup holder, the material used in the massage chairs, seat pads with memory foam, reclining buttons, etc. for the full fledge therapeutic massage experience.

Check for the massage types included in the therapeutic chairs

A good quality massage chair must include some of the exceptional massage types like lower back, ankle/foot/calf, full body stretching, neck/shoulder, combination and full back.

Know the warranty of the massage chairs

Most of the manufacturer will provide one to two-year warranty. Do not get from the providers who has no warranty for your product.

Check out the youtube video for the interview between Alan Weidner and Ron Sibila on choosing the massage chairs.

Bottom Line

I trust the above-mentioned buying guide, and the top 10 best picks of Therapeutic massage chairs has given you a clear idea of choosing the right massage chair for you and to select the right optimal brand, that suits your requirements.

Any queries on the products or buying guide of Massage chairs? Shoot out your questions in the comment section below.

What type of Therapeutic Massage chairs are you using for shedding out your body pain, and for the best relaxation?

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