Caravan Zero Gravity Bungee Chair Review

Caravan Zero Gravity Bungee Chair Review

Caravan Zero Gravity Bungee Chair Review

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 6:17 am Caravan-Zero-Gravity-Bungee-Chair-Review

Bungee chair are available in various concepts and choosing the efficient one based on your needs is essential to enjoy the comprehensive benefits of the Bunjo chairs. Today we are going to check out one of the type of bungee chair that has indulged some advanced functionalities and specifications in making the product a unique one.

Yeah in the line of zero gravity bungee chairs, the manufacturer Caravan Sports are the leading in the present market and proceed below to check out the functions, specifications and other vital features indulged in this Caravan Zero Gravity Chair in a detailed way.

Caravan Zero Gravity Chair Review

Proceed below to find out the different characteristics of the Caravan Sports zero-gravity bungee chair in detail.


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Comfort and Quality

The first essential characteristics a chair should indulge is the comfort; the manufacturer has developed with the locking system in an improved way when compared to the previous models. This locking system helps to lock your bungee chair at a particular position you need; there is also a headrest which can be adjusted as per the user comfort and they have provided the option to use as a lumbar support too. Considered to be the perfect bungee chair for the beach, backyard, sporting events, outing, etc.

Convenience and Portability

The manufacturer has developed to transport to any places you need like to a barbecue, to any outing portion, a game or the beach. You can rest comfortably without any hurdles as they provide the new level comfort for their users.

The zero gravity chair can be folded, and the dimension measures about 38.6 inches in length, 26.4 inches in width and 6.3 inches in height. The entire chair comes with the proportion of 25.5 inches in diameter, 45 inches in width and 64.5 inches in height.

The chair is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds, and therefore people with massive weight can also use the product without any hesitation.

Zero Gravity

The pressure gets reduced on your back by elevating the legs, and this position is compared to the gravity-free environment that is provided for the astronauts in space.

Caravan Zero Gravity Chair | A long-lasting Chair for Outdoors

The chair has been awarded many times for the longevity they provide when taken outdoors, the headrest help to give the maximum comfort and also you can find the best position on the chair by sliding the padded pillow down or up based on your preference. The double bungee system is another critical feature present in this Caravan Infinity Zero Gravity Chair as they provide the steel frame that is powder coated and for the high strength.

The next necessary functionality indulged in this Caravan Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is the dual fingertip locking system which helps to enjoy yours outdoors without any discomfort.


The Caravan Infinity Zero Gravity Chairs are available in different colors namely black, beige, blue, camo, burgundy, and grey.

Simple ways to lock your  Zero Gravity Chair

The steps below will provide a bright idea on locking the Infinity Zero Gravity Chair.

  • Place your feet on the footrest and then recline to any particular position you need while sitting.
  • Place your finger on the ring lock and then place them in the perfect recline position.
  • Pull the lockdown to the ground so that you will be able to lock the gravity bungee chair easily.
  • To unlock, you just need to pull up the fingerlock towards your armrest.

Bottom Line

Hope the above review on the high type of bungee helped you to know about the product detail. If you are looking for more varieties of bungee chair from different manufacturers, then check out top 10 best bunjo bungee chairs here.

Any queries, thoughts, and suggestions on the Caravan Zero Gravity Bungee Chair are welcome.

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