DIY Bungee Chair- How To Do A Bunjo Chair On Your Own?

DIY Bungee Chair- How To Do A Bunjo Chair On Your Own?

A bungee chair is different from the normal chair with the presence of a seating area woven with bungee cords to provide support. The chairs with the backrest are also woven with the bungee cords for comfort resting. The presence of the bungee cords adds extra comfort to the user by being flexible to the user’s posture thereby, allowing you to relax.

How do you do it?

This bungee chair can be purchased from various retail stores online and can also be made easily at home with the worn out old chairs and a bunch of bungee cords. But how do you do it? This is the concept the following article deals with. Continue reading to make it on your own.

What are the Steps involved?

The steps involved in making a bungee chair includes,

Selecting the frame for making the chair

The first and the foremost step of making is the selection of the chair frame. For this, you will require an old chair with a  proper frame that is an open type and not those with the metal backs or the seats. Also, try choosing a chair which can be folded as it will be easier for carrying outdoors.

Stripping the chair

The next step is the stripping of the chair. It requires a scissor which can perform heavy duty so as to cut down the fabrics present in the old chair. In case if you choose a chair that is padded with wood, consider removing the screws by drilling the screws and removing and lifting the seat in turn. If the chair requires scrubbing, do it perfectly so that it does damage the bungee cords while fixing.

Choosing a bungee cord

Now, it’s time to purchase a bungee cord to turn your old chair into a bungee chair. For this, you will have to measure the width of the backrest along with the seat between the side supports, with the help of a measuring tape. With the help of a masking tape, measure the width and height of the backrest which has to be covered with the cords. For the backrest, a bungee cord has to be purchased on a count of one for every inch of height measured. Similarly, a single cord has to be purchased for every one inch of depth measured in the case of the seat, and a cord for every one inch of the width. Remember, the cords should be about 3 inches smaller than the width or depth.

Drilling holes

Now for the typical feature of the bungee chair with holes, you will require drilling holes at an interval of about 1 inch on both the sides of the backrest. Similarly, do it on the sides along with the back and front of the chair. Remember to choose a drill bit which is little larger than the bungee cord hooks, for perfect fitting. For drilling without error, mark the inches of intervals with the help of a non-erasable marker or pen.

Finish by weaving cords

Now that you have finished creating holes, you have to weave the bungee cords to finish the process. Begin with the top of the backrest and insert a hook of a bungee cord into the hole on the left side. Now, take it across the back of the chair and insert the hook into the respective hole on the right side. Similarly, continue for the backrest too. For the seat, begin by inserting the cords from the left to the right.  It requires fixing a hook of the cord on the top hole of the back seat frame and passing it over the first cord followed by passing under the second cord and then above the third cord and so on till the front frame and continue doing it with all the cords so that, you get a chair with strongly woven cord seats.

That’s it and you are done making your own bungee chair. Sounds easy right? So, don’t wait, pick up all the necessary items and start making a DIY bungee chair. Send us a feedback on how did your bungee chair come out to be. Also, share our article on social networking sites for others to learn.

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