iMovR ZipLift Standing Desk Converter Vs Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk

iMovR ZipLift Standing Desk Converter Vs Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk

iMovR ZipLift Standing Desk Converter Vs Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 8:53 am

The standing desk converters are specially designed to rest on the top of your desk and you can adjust the height according to your needs. It has adjustable work surface which holds monitor or laptop on the top shelf and the keyboard on the lower shelf, then you can start your work by raising the height to one of the preset height settings.

Using this you can sit and stand in the most ergonomic and comfortable posture. Keep reading to learn more about the standing desk converter and the prospective buyers can able to pick the perfect one for their home or office.

iMovR ZipLift Standing Desk Converter

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This is one of the amazing desk converters for converting your existing desk into the standing desk and you can lift the platform to the desired height. Z-Lift model offers the best stability and ease to use when changing the position of the desk from sitting to standing height. If you are searching for a best-selling and high quality desk converter on the market, then this product is suitable for you.

Adjusting this type of desk is very simple, just squeeze the brake for releasing paddles on the both side and then stop it when you obtain the accurate height. This product is significantly lighter than various other products available under this categories and it uses quiet gas cylinder pistons for making it easier to lift up into the standing position.

The best feature of this product is adjustable keyboard tray and with the simple twist of one knob, you can change the tray angle to eliminate any flexion. The height adjustment of this product is infinite and without any compromises, you can get the precise height you desire.

Moreover, you can use any off-the-shelf ergonomic monitor arm which is necessary to prevent the neck strain and the upper working surface is more spacious which is 35.5 inches and this desk converter takes up only 23 inches of depth on your desk. The lower keyboard platform is 26.5” wide and 13” deep which is sufficient for both keyboard and mouse.


  • You can adjust this unit smoothly and quietly
  • This unit locks firmly in any position
  • It is easy to add a monitor arm


  • Unusable, if one of the gas lift fails

Height Adjustable Standing Desk from Varidesk

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This is one of the most compelling desk conversion kits available today and the Varidesk updated many interesting features in this height adjustable standing desk to provide their customers with a better experience. This one is specially designed for tall users for solving the inadequate height problems.

The installation process is very simple and you don’t need to assemble the product just keep it on the top of your desk and then start your work by loading it with monitor and other equipment. It consists of a large working surface which is attached to the heavy base and you can activate the height adjustment mechanism with the help of the two hand holes in the work space.

It is designed like two-tiered system for adjusting your monitor, keyboard and mouse simultaneously in single motion. This unit comes in three different models like 30, 38 and 48, the first model has single monitor setup and the second model supports up to two monitors, while the third model is meant for the people up to 6-feet tall and it also allows two monitors.

In addition to this, it has two springs to balance the work surface for carrying heavy loads and you can raise the desk according to your preferred height and lock the work surface to one of the nine height settings. The weight lifting capacity of the product is 48 lbs, using this product you can work in ergonomic comfort without any strains and it also reduces excess flexion.


  • You can assemble this product easily
  • This unit is very sturdy
  • It can hold a single or dual monitor setup


  • Poor height adjustment range

iMovR ZipLift Standing Desk Converter Vs Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If you are looking for a good looking product, then Varidesk desk is not suitable for you because the working space covered in a stippling pattern which reduces the aesthetic look of the place and another disadvantage of this textured finish is that it provides a poor working surface. This product uses spring to counterbalance the weight of the computer which will produce some noise.

The average weight of the iMovR Zip Lift standing desk converter is 40 lbs and it is 25% lighter than many other competing units. We recommend this product because of its rock-steady construction, exceptional height range, more ergonomic adjustments satisfy your expectations and it also comes with two-year warranty.

Things to Consider While Buying a Standing Desk Converter

  • Stability is one of the important things you have to consider while purchasing a stand desk converter because if the product is unstable, then it will decrease your concentration and productivity.
  • You have to check the side to side movement on the converter which includes the keyboard tray and the monitor platform. The up and down movement present on the tray when you press on it and notice the amount of monitor movement when typing the unit.
  • Ergonomic is one of the most important criteria you have to consider because if you aren’t in the right position, then it will lead to the back, wrist or neck pain.
  • Check the adjustability of the product. If you can’t change the height of the converter from sitting to standing position then you have to sit for a long period.
  • Quality of the product is important, try to check the material of the product before buying.


We know standing desk converter is one of the remarkable inventions which will promote your mental and physical health. If you want to convert your traditional desk into standing desk without investing more money, then try any one of the above products and share us your experience.

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