How to Improve Posture For a Healthy Back

How to Improve Posture For a Healthy Back

How to Improve Posture For a Healthy Back

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The position of the body parts relative to one another is termed as posture and it shows the ability and the inability of the body like difficulty in breathing, moving etc. It is important to maintain the good posture which needs less amount of energy in order to avoid body pain.

6 Back Pain and Posture Myths

Back Pain is Not a Long-Term Pain

A recent study shows that after the rst low back pain attack, 50 % of the people are suffering from the chronic or acute pain due to their regular day to
day activities.

Inammation Causes Back Pain

The inammation causes many problems but the back pain is usually due to the stretching of ligaments and tissues which is surrounded in the spine

Arthritis Causes Back Pain

The arthritis is the normal part of the aging process and it is not considered to be the main cause for the back pain.

Avoiding Activity

The movement is necessary for the blood circulation throughout the body and it will reduce the risk of body pain.

Need to Stop Physical Activities

Not true in all cases, sometimes the severe practice session causes back pain but the regular exercise strengthen the bones, muscles and increases the energy level.

Weather Shift Causes Back Pain

Sitting in the improper posture or lifting heavy objects leads to the cause of back pain problem and it is not because of the climate or weather.

Postion to Healthy Posture

Some of the position will help you to change your bad posture to good posture, these exercise will support to get relief from your pain in the back and spine.

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6
Position 1


Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

Position 6

Why Poor Posture Causes Problem?

Everyone is different and there is no any ideal posture to solve the individual back pain problem but balancing the body according to the gravity denitely, does wonders for preventing any pain.

Sitting in the poor posture for few minutes is not a problem but the duration of the extended posture tends to be the major problem.

Once you experience the back pain you have to maintain the good posture otherwise, it will worsen the problem.
Sitting in the poor posture for prolonged period makes the muscles stiff and you will get adapt to that position.

It is important to change the posture frequently in order to avoid the back pain.

Bent Finger Analogy

Try this, you will get a clear idea about the poor posture.

Just bend your finger back as much as possible and hold your finger in that position for few minutes. It will not hurt you but if you hold there for above 10 minutes, it will denitely create pain and comes to its original position when you leave the finger.

Now, try it again you will feel the pain immediately and your brain’s sensory nerve system signals you if you continue the movement, this will cause any problem so that you do not wish to try it again.

This shows how the poor posture creates a problem similar to that of the bend finger analogy. The continuous stress in the particular part of the body causes pain.

Pain is the Critical Protective Mechanism

The pain is the warning sign and it alerts you that something’s not right which is going to cause some serious problem like the ‘check engine’ if you ignore the light, and will lead to the greater problem. You can also relate the pain to the ‘thirst’ that motivates you to drink more water for the well functioning of the body.

Techniques for Lifting

Get ideas from the health professional about the deadlift and the methods for doing squat. These important strength exercises will increase the health of your muscle and you will be able to know how to do your everyday activities properly.

The strategy “Use your leg not your back” is not a best one because it is important to strengthen your spine. Try to sit your hip back like sitting in the chair while lifting the object.

There is no one size t for all lifting technique because everyone’s body is different and try to get training from the qualied professional who teaches the athletes how to lift the heavy object from the ground.

Some Workplace Strategies

When you need to sit for the prolonged period for doing some work, sit with a lumbar roll to maintain the natural curve of your lower back.
It is important to take a micro-break for each 30 seconds.
If you feel stiff and sore after sitting for many hours, then do at least 10 backbends.
Hydrate your body regularly by drinking lot of water while doing the work.
Doing some moments throughout the day is the simple and effective strategy to avoid pain.

Back Pain

You can solve almost all type of back pain with some manual and physical therapy.
The injection and surgery is not the best solution for the most back pain problems.
Hope you got a clear idea about the cause of the back pain problem, try the above techniques to avoid such pains.