Kore Wobble Chair Review

Kore Wobble Chair Review

Kore Wobble Chair Review

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 5:58 am Kore-Wobble-Chair-Review

Are you the one who is looking for the right type of chair for your pre-school going kids, children or teens to sit in a comfortable chair as well as enjoy it with more fun? If so, Wobble chairs would be the best choice, though there are a high number of wobble chairs available in the market only few can satisfy your need for the convenience and support.

Today we are going to check about the wobble chair from the reliable and most preferred manufacturer by most of the customer, “Kore” in depth.

Kore Wobble Chair Review

Kore wobble chairs are mostly preferred for their

  • Ergonomic base
  • The flexibility they provide
  • The safety for the persons sitting in the chair
  • The stability
  • The fun and the health benefits they provide


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Apart from the above functionalities, there are many reasons why you should go with the Kore Wobble Chair for your kids and teens.

The New Concept

Kore, the manufacturer, has applied a new concept of exercise balls to this wobble chair and this turned to be a successful development in the wobble stool.  Kids children and teens love to eat, play, perform their home works, play their exciting video games and much more activities in this exercise ball wobble chair with fun and entertainment.


The wobble chairs are developed with curvatures and also comes with patented base, there are no chances for tilting or falling from the stool or chair quickly, this is the main reason why most of the parents prefer this wobble stool for their kids. Safety is the first thing a parent look in their kid’s products as they will not be aware of those things.

Health Benefits of Kore Wobble Chair

  • The research has declared that kore wobble chair has more health benefits for the kids and even for the autistic and kits with ADHD.
  • Some of the benefits are
  • easier spine reshaping is possible,
  • Stress-free actions while sitting on the wobble stool,
  • easily prevents most of the injuries,
  • keeps your lumbar disc young, energetic and flexible,
  • bulges and disc tears can be quickly cleared,
  • improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism,
  • nutrition delivery and waste elimination.


The Kore Wobble chair has been declared as the winner for many awards like Review Award 2015, Family choice Award 2014, Academics Choice Award 2013, etc. Perfect for kids, teens, children, Toddler, Pre-School kids, etc.


The colors for the Kore wobble chair differs based on the preschool kids, children, teens, etc.

Dark blue, dark green, purple, black, grey, etc. for Teen, dark blue, blue, grey, red, purple, black, white, yellow for Kids and pink, Blue, green, yellow, red, purple for Toddlers.

Important specifications why you should choose Kore Wobble Chair

Proceed below to check out the top characteristics why you can choose this kore wobble chair/stool for your kids.

Pre-school going kids, toddlers and children love to perform the different activities like eating, drawing, homework, etc. and therefore they no longer a sedentary activity for them. A perfect addition to any classroom, so that they will listen to the class works with interest.

Kore wobbles chairs are developed to withstand weight with 250 pounds so that overweight kids can also make use of them without any hesitation. They weigh just 1.8 pounds and therefore light in weight, you can quickly switch over them from one place to another. Measures about 16.5X14.5X5.5 inches.

Bottom Line

Hope the above review on Kore wobble chair helped you to know about the product in detail. For more wobble chair from various reliable manufacturers check out the top 10 best wobble chair here.

Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on the product are welcome.

Have you used the Kore Wobble Chair before for your kids? If so, let us know through the comment section below.