Standing Desks with Wheels

Standing Desks with Wheels

Best Standing Desks with Wheels

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Sitting for a long period of time increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many other health problems, so it is important that you change your work position often. The best solution to avoid the health problem is to adapt a standing desk, working when standing will be easy and there are high chances for the greater movements.


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A study shows that you can burn additional fifty calories per hour using a standing desk and it will also improve your blood circulation throughout the body.

6 Standing Desk with Wheels Reviewed

You tend to feel sleepy when you are physically inactive but standing will make you more productive and makes your mind more active, standing at your desk while working will lessen your back pain, muscle cramps and numbing.

It is important to select a Sit-stand desk with wheels because you can change the position of the workstation easily instead of carrying the heavy desk, read this article to know more about the standing desks that come with lockable caster wheel at the bottom.

1. Electric Stand Up Desk From Stand Up Desk Store


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This is one of the amazing standing desks with many features for providing comfortable working station both for you and for your employees. The base of the product is made up of a sturdy steel frame with powder coat painted finish which protects the product from rusting. You can assemble the products quickly and you can adjust its height easily by just pressing a button.

Moreover, it has wheels to move the table and two locking breaks to fix it in a particular position. You can adjust the height between 45 and 29 inches, using this you can create a collaborative atmosphere for improving your health and wellness. The average weight of the 60 inch electric standing desk from Luxor is 113 pounds and this innovative standing desk promotes better posture, reduces back and neck pain.

The desk top and the frame cover come in a different color namely teak with black to fit your unique style. The surface area is more spacious and you can place all the necessary items needed for your work in addition to the system. The maximum weight capacity is 154 pounds and you can adjust the position within 20 seconds.

2. 1929MO Muv 35-49″H Stand-Up Desk from Safco


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This is a healthy alternative to inactive sitting and compact enough to blend into your workspace. It has two shelves, the upper one is for placing monitor and the lower shelf provides enough places to store keyboard and mouse. The best part of it is that it has decorative molded side panels for hiding the computer cables and the cords for a clean work place.

This product is durable and you can adjust the height in various levels from 35 to 49 inches which is perfect for everyone. The stand up desk from Safco comes in various colors like cherry, grey and oak. The base of the product is constructed with a sturdy steel frame with durable powder coat.

You can extend the keyboard self up to 9 inches and you can retract it under the work surface when not in use, it also has additional two shelves for placing more items which is required for your work. This unit has four dual wheel carpet caster to move it to the another place.

3. Stand up Height Workstation from Buddy Products


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This standing desk is one of the fabulous products which accommodate monitor, keyboard, CPU, printer and other basic supplies. You can adjust the LCD mount in four ways so that you can view your flat screen in different direction. This product is highly durable because it is made up of material like melamine laminate.

You can change the position of the desk using dual wheel castors, and you can fix it in one position with the help of latest locking technology and it will increase the security of your monitor. The keyboard shelf has one extension for holding mouse and the lower shelf holds a printer and other equipment.

The average weight of the product is 44 pounds, the weight capacity of the top shelf is 100 pound and the bottom shelf is 50 pounds. This product is available in gray color and if you use this product, you will give at least two thumbs up.

4. Standup-40-B Desk from Luxor


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This standing desk provides a generous work surface and you can adjust the height easily according to your needs. The desk is 40 inches wide and you can keep all the necessary items needed to do your work. The two-tiered design allows you to adjust it in any position and the adjustable shelves move simultaneously in one inch per increment.

The steel frame with powder coated finish increases the durability of the product and with the 3 inch furniture grade casters you can move the desk from one place to another. This package includes all the tools required for assembling the product and it is available in gray and black color.

If you are searching for a standing desk for getting better posture, reducing back pain and other health benefits, then this product is suitable for you. The overall dimension is 39 X 29 X variable height and the perfect companion for a laptop, tablet or tablet.

5. Mobile Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk from VIVO


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This is one of the stylish standing desks and the ergonomic height adjustable station has 11 different locking levels that help you to adjust the desk from sitting to standing position. It has four different spacious platforms like top monitor shelf, lower keyboard shelf, middle shelf and the base shelf for holding a printer and other equipment.

The frame is made up of sturdy steel material and the shelves are covered with dark brown wooden laminate. The average weight of the product is 36 pounds and the each shelf support the maximum weight of 132 lbs. The material of the product is wood and comes in gray color.

Moreover, it has wheel at the bottom with locking castors for making the desk stationary and mobile at any time. Using this standing desk from VIVO you can adjust the height from sitting to standing position easily without any discomfort.

6. Mobile Workstation Cart Standing Computer Desk from BUREI


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This is one of the modern standing workstation which is made up of oak and it provides ergonomic comfort for the users. Using this standing desk you can do the work easily, just place your system on the top of the workstation from BUREI and start your work.

The adjustable stand desk converter contains four smooth casters for moving it to the new position in the office or home. The best part of this standing desk is that the bottom self is extra large and it will accommodate more accessories. The sliding keyboard shelf keeps your posture comfortable and you can adjust the platform from 25 to 43 inches to meet your needs.

This stranding desk includes assembly instruction and tools to install the desk and the warranty period for this product is 24 months. The average weight of the product is 33 pounds and available in two colors maple and brown.

Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea about the standing desk with wheels which helps in changing the position of the workstation anywhere and anytime within minutes. Select any one of the above product which satisfy your needs and share us your experience.

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