Top 5 things to consider when buying a Dental Chair in 2023

Top 5 things to consider when buying a Dental Chair in 2023
  • it should have all the latest technology so that it will fit all your dental needs
  • comfortable and ergonomic for your patients
  • has to be easy to maintain
  • easy to clean
  • size and position

The dental chair is an essential piece of equipment for you to do your job. The chair must be comfortable for the patient, functional and reliable. Most of the newly designed chairs come with the control panel which can be accessed by buttons or touch screens to adjust the chair position, speed of lifting and lowering of a chair. 

All dental chairs can be customized with colors, fabrics, shapes, styles, and sizes. Unique cushioning can reduce the pressure and provide support across the patient’s body; it is designed to offer ultimate patient comfort. Leather, polyurethane upholstery fabrics are commonly used for dental chairs.


The dental chair should offer good support and cushion whereby wide back chairs provide a lot of comfort to the patients. An adjustable, comfortable chair makes the patients calm and it is especially used for longer treatments.

The chair should maximize the comfort with soft, luxurious upholstery and it is also possible to adjust the shape so you may get a good support.

It is good to check the width of the chair’s back if it has a narrower back the job can be done easily. So it is better to find a dental chair with a width that works for you. A padded chair gives extra comfort to both the patient and the dentist.

This may help to attain better results because if the patients are very comfortable they will relax during the treatment. It is a smooth moving chair like one with hydraulic fully adjustable speed control.


The best chair always comes with adjustments that can give a lot of ease. Adjustments are very essential because for some treatments the patients need to sit at some angle so that dentists may access the needed area.

  • Adjustable Backrest:

The backrest of the dental chair should be wide enough to ensure the patient has adequate back support. It should be slim so that the dentist can get closer for checking the patient without any hindrance.

  • Adjustable Headrest:

It is better to buy a dental chair with double articulated headrests because it can enhance the visibility to areas, where the treatment is needed. The headrest must be extended so that the feet of the patient will not go out of the toe board of the chair. It must offer complete support and allow them to rest their head on a cushion.

A headrest must be flexible enough for young children so their heads can rest and allow dentist greater access. There should be no gap between the backrest and seat cushion when the chair is in the supine position.


Most dental chairs are designed to be ergonomic, high-tech and aesthetically pleasing. When choosing the dental chair ensures that it has thick padding this allows dentists to be properly positioned to access the patient’s mouth and teeth. The patient will also be comfortable in the right chair and helps the dental assistant to do their job.

Extra padding can make the patient more relaxed and luxurious and it is especially useful for long hour treatments. The chair must fit all body shapes and it must be made of ultra soft upholstery for attaining a cushioning feel.

The cylindrical height is also significant for the dental stool, it must be suitable for your height to avoid injuries and back pain. The adjustable backrest gives greater comfort and ensures better access with ease. Ensure the quality of upholstery to get reliable and long-lasting equipment also to offer better treatment for patients.


The dental chair is the most visible equipment in a clinic. What is the aesthetics of the dental chair? What about the color? The color you choose should complement your dental practice décor and fit in your clinical design. There are huge range and varieties of color available so you may pick the right one for you.

The quality, as well as the appearance of your dental chair, will enhance the visibility and brightness of the whole room. Pick a right combination of design and features that suits you perfectly. It is also advisable to select the one with foot control pedals that may allow your hands away from chair controls.

Hygiene is very important to reduce the risk of contamination during treatment. A dental chair is a first and foremost thing your patients see when entering the room, so it must provide a good impression.

High-Quality Light:

Proper lighting is essential in the workplace otherwise it may cause eye fatigue. The compact design will make it easy to maneuver. The control blocks allow you to integrate everything you needed like electric motors, handpieces, ultrasonic instruments, light, and camera.

The dental light improves the ability to see inside the oral cavity and provides a better ergonomics. It should deliver maximum illumination for offering exact vision from any position. Most of the newly innovated dental chairs are designed with advanced lighting which minimizes shadowing and provides proper contrast.

The track lighting can be directly kept at overhead which allows good illumination without shadows. Every feature has a specific purpose and performs at your best. It is also possible to install x-ray machines and operating lights.

Points to look out for

A dental chair must have a smooth movement so that you can move anywhere without any hindrance. Ensure that it fits all body shapes, with patients increasing height and width it is important that your chair can lift heavy patients comfortably. It should be designed with a lot of safety features that allow the chair to be stopped instantly if they have some serious issue.

Most of the high-quality dental chairs come with safety switches which can be activated instantly. It must have automatic flushing systems that can make the treatment area clean and upholstery will aid easy thorough cleaning.

The most commonly included control panels are operating the light, chair position, water spray control, speed control, operating light intensity adjustment for the electric motor. There are various types of functions in a control panel that can be altered, the use of foot control prevents cross contamination.

Wrapping Up

Choose a dental chair that offers a lot of comfort to you. Look for equipment that is reliable and sturdy so that it can give the long-lasting performance. pick the one with good cushioning, dual-articulating headrest, programmable positions, movable, and multi-position armrests.