Top 4 Best Stand-Up Desks with Footrest Bar Review

Top 4 Best Stand-Up Desks with Footrest Bar Review

Top 4 Best Stand-Up Desks with Footrest Bar Review

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Most of the people have shifted to stand up desks from traditional sit-down chairs, as sitting for a long time can cause you major health problems.


Safco Products Adjustable-Height Desk


  • phenolic steel
  • Swing Footrest
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wide working Surface
  • Varies Height Adjustment Positions


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There are dozens of stand-up desks available in the market, but choosing the one with footrest bar will provide deeper comfort, and it’s mandatory that you choose the apt and perfect stand up desk from the right manufacturer.

From this article, you are going to know the factors that you need to note before choosing a standup desk with footrest bar and some of the best manufacturer who is providing the product.

4 Standup Desk with Footrest Bar Reviewed

Proceed below to check out the best different five products from various manufacturers. The mentioned picks are listed here after a longer research, analyzing and testing the products with some of the best doctors and experts.

1. Standup Desk along with the Swinging Footrest Bar from Safco Products

This is one of the best standing desks for children and mostly for the grade in between three to twelve. The desk comes in the adjustable position; the range can be adjusted between 26 inches to 42 inches in height.


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There are extra shelves for storing the books or for any additional storage. There is a footrest bar which is swingable which are liked by all children’s. The top of the desk is made up high-grade quality materials.

The frame is made up of steel, and they are resistant to impact, chemical, and fire. The thermoplastic which comes with 3D is an added advantage. The coating finish with the black powder makes the product durable.

Having this in the classroom, the children will stay active by moving here and around with an intense focus. By standing up and pursuing their studies or any other extracurricular activities, a normal kid can burn about 14 to 24 percent of calories and obese children of about 25 to 36 percent calories.

The price of this product is high but worth the money spent for it. They come with a size dimension of 20X28X42 inches, and the weight of the product is about 33 pounds. Premium top and standard top are the two different types of standards available for this product.

2. Sit/Stand up Desk with Footrest Bar from Regency

This type of stand up desk chair can be used as both sit or standing purposes. They come with an adjustability option so that person with any height can use this type of standup desk chairs.


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The desk surface can be easily turned for the seating arrangement if you feel you need to sit and work. You can adjust the height between 29 to 44 inches. Resistant to scratch, impact, and scald. You can wipe and clean easily.

As the standup desk comes with a footrest bar, you can keep your legs for the comfort. They are durable due to their angle base which is wide and also for the stability maintained within the stand-up desk.

There are casters within the sit/stand up desk that are hidden helps in moving the desk easily and for the comfort feel. The price of the product is affordable and are available in different colors namely Beige, gray, maple, and cherry.

3. Computer Stand Up Desk with Footrest Bar from Echowalt

Echowalt is one of the leading manufacturers who are famous for their high-grade quality materials used in their incorporated products. This standup desk comes with a back panel for the storage purpose.


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You can keep your legs on the footrest bar, and as it is swinging, you can feel the fun and activeness in the work you do. The footrest bar is noise free, and this is one of the major advantages of the product.

The weight of this stands-up desk is about 66 lbs and comes with a dimension of 35X23X49 inches.  You can easily adjust the height settings so that the person with any height can use it without any chaos.

The price of this product is high but worth the money spent for it. They are available in a single color.

4. Standup desk with Swinging Footrest Bar

The price of this product is less when compared to other stand up desk with footrest bars. They come with adjustable height settings so that anyone can use this by adjusting the height as per he/she needs.

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The footrest bar that comes swinging comes with five/eight inches in diameter and twenty inches in footrest area. With the help of this, children or members using this can access an enormous amount of energy, and they can engage in any motion continuously.

Available in Gray color and comes with a dimension of 28x20X(26-42) inches. They are durable due to the phenolic premium version and the coated finish with black powder.

Standup Desk with Footrest Bar Buying Guide

Stand up desk give you more comfort, reliability, and flexibility to move around or to stand freely without any pain or disturbance.

What are the attributes to note for, while choosing the right Stand Up desk with Footrest Bar

Look for the following factors before selecting a stand-up desk for your office or any other business area.

  1. Check whether the stand-up desk is adjustable

You need the standing chair to be adjustable so that the person can adjust the stand-up desk chair based on his/her height. There are two type of adjustments available namely manual and automatic.

  1. What type of adjustable settings you need: manual or automatic

In Automatic, there will be a push button to adjust the height settings, whereas in manual, there will be a lift system which can be operated with the help of a paddle.

If you are looking for an affordable stand-up desk with footrest bar, then the manual adjustment would be the best option.

  1. How many of you are going to share the stand-up desk with footrest bar

Also, you need to how many people are going to share the stand-up desk. So if you have the height adjustment in this case the person who are short and tall also can use this desks without any disturbance.

  1. How much different work surfaces you will need?

Choose a stand-up desk with monitor surface so that it helps you to relieve the pain from carpal tunnel pain or other related injuries.

  1. What size of stand up desk you will need

You need to know the size and shape of the stand-up desk as per your height, work space, etc. so that you can get the one with that suits your requirement.

  1. Less weight or more weight stand up desks you will need

You need to know the purpose you are going to choose this stand up desk for, if you are going to use it in your workspace just for you, then light weight is enough, if you prefer to use in lab or any other areas to keep few weights, then you will need a stand up desk with more weight.

  1. What are the extra features involved in the stand-up desk

There will be an option to keep your mobile, water bottles, bags, etc. So if you need to keep this regularly, then you need to pick the stand up desk with this features involved.

  1. How much you are going to spend on this Standup desk with Footrest bar

Having a footrest bar will help you to reduce the pain in the legs. The amount you are going to invest involves your health, so with the concern, you need to choose the opt one that suits your need perfectly.

What are the benefits of stand up desks with footrest bar

Stand up Desks comes with a lot of advantages, few pros of the Stand up desks with footrest bar includes

  • Less pain when compared to sit-up chairs
  • Helps you to work smarter
  • Shed calories faster
  • Improves your back posture
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Helps to reduce back pain
  • High energy level and improves your mood
  • Longer life

Bottom Line

Hope the above article helps you to choose the perfect stand up desk and selecting the right manufacturer brand. If you have any queries in any of the above products, feel free to ask us through the comment section below.

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What type of stand up desk are you using? Does it have a footrest bar attached to it? What are your views on this stand-up desk chairs?

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