Wobble Chair Benefits

Wobble Chair Benefits

Wobble Chair Benefits

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 9:02 am

The wobble chair was designed to create proper mobility in the lumber, sacral and pelvic region.  This active seating provides slight movements and adjustments for the users while they sit which is helpful for reducing fatigue, decreased muscle tone, back and hip soreness. This unique design of the chair allows 360 degree rotation and provides different ranges of motion for delivering nutrients to the intervertebral discs and carrying away waste products.

Top 7 Benefits of Using Wobble Chairs

This type of chair provides therapeutic exercise for delivering the multiple functions of rehabilitation using various movements which is useful for fidgety kids and for those who are struggling with postural disabilities due to weak core muscles.

The pivot point in the wobble chair aligns with the center of the spine for producing loading and uploading cycles. This motion is absolutely necessary to bring nutrients to the disc and warms up the spine for changing the viscosity of the nucleus in the spinal disc. Keep reading to know the wobble chair’s benefits and you will definitely decide to get one for you.


 Increases Blood Circulation

The ergonomic design allows you to sit on the saddle like seat which provides 35 – 40 degree lateral (side to side) and front to back flexion. The wobble chair provides us a complete range of motion especially for the low back region and reduces the impedance of blood flow to the legs.

 Heals Injuries

This type of chair causes compressive loading of the front, back, or sides of the discs, ligaments and joints, then it slowly allows the fluid to be pumped through the very minute haversian canals into the discs and out through the vertebral bodies above and below for healing the injuries.

 Increases Immunity

The pumping action stimulates the body to make new collagen fibers and replaces the old, injured, non-functional and painful collagens. The loading and unloading action is necessary for generating the white tissues which is helpful for increasing the immunity power of the body.

Provides Good Sleep

The wobble chair increases the pressure and the flow of cerebrospinal fluids which is helpful for improving the brain and neural functions, thereby reduces your stress or any other mental illness. Using wobble chair for 7 to 15 minutes provides more restful sleep.

 Increases Concentration

The little kids usually wiggle around, it is important for the development of central nerve system, brain and their body, some children with a sensory processing disorder or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) needs more movements than others. If the children with the learning disabilities use the wobble chair, then it will improve their concentration and memory power.

Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea about the benefits of wobble chair. Anyone can use this kind of chair to stay active and you can use it in any places like classroom, office or home. If you are using this wobble chairs, then share us your experience.

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