Wobble Chair vs Exercise Ball Chair

Wobble Chair vs Exercise Ball Chair

Wobble Chair vs Exercise Ball Chair

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 6:20 am Wobble-Chair-vs-Exercise-Ball-Chair

Back pain is nowadays considered as a common problem among the people who are spending too much of time at their seat in office. Apart from the back pain, they also face too much of problems like uncomfort, less focus, head pain, neck pain, etc. due to the much work.

To have a stress free work and to enjoy your work highly, Wobble chair and Therapy Ball Chair (Exercise Ball Chair) were invented. Dr. Burl Pettibon, who was the chiropractor discovered wobble chair for office works to get rid of the back pain and to have a strong focus along with fun.

In 1950, three of the physical therapist from Europe namely Mary Quintin, Elsbeth Kong and Susanne Klein-Vogelbach incorporated exercise ball chairs which had high therapeutic value especially to use at the office.

Both Wobble chair and exercise ball chairs have the similar benefits, but the form and physical characteristics differ from each other. Today let’s check out the features of each of the chair, their benefits and much more in brief below.

Wobble chair Features & Benefits

Proceed below to check out the characteristics and advantages of wobble chair in detail.

Wobble chairs were designed to provide mobility in the pelvic, sacral and lumbar regions, the chair is unique in design, and this allows you to rotate in 360 degrees from forward, backward and even side to side flexion.

The various motion ranges are developed for providing the greater support to your intervertebral discs and in the low back. The combined movements help in creating the disc rehydration and disc mobility to conflict the impact loads that are faced daily on each disc.

The movement that is developed by the wobble chair provides greater support in nutrition delivery & waste elimination.


The wobble chair comes with a triangular seat that can be facilitated side to side, circular and semicircular, forward and backward pelvic movements. Few wobble chair is designed with the arm on each side for providing the comfort to the person sitting in the chair.

Few chairs do not include arms, but these type of chairs also provide greater support and balance similar to the chairs with arms.

Dr. Pettibon tried out creating wobble chair with high tech versions that involved vibration training. This advocates and provides muscle, bone, hormone metabolism and regulation with ease, the vibration can be adjusted based on the persons using the chair.

Exercise Ball Chairs Characteristics & Pros

Similar to the Wobble chair, exercise ball chairs also contains a lot of advantages and features that support every person who suffers from work problems and body pain at the office.

Exercise ball chairs are called by different names namely swiss balls, therapy balls, resist-a-balls, stability balls and much more. They are designed to be round in shape and mostly are developed using high reliable plastic, they range from 35 to 75 cms in size.

This chairs can be moved in any rotational motion, and most of the supported movements involved include supine, seated, side lying, standing, and prone positions. This exercise ball chairs does not contain any arm rest or flat seat, so it’s mandatory for persons to maintain the balance through their deeper core muscles.

You can feel the different experience in sitting this exercise ball chair when compared to the regular standard chairs; they keep you sit upright so that you can improve your posture. There are a lot of scientifically proven results for the ball chair to promote coordination, core strengthening, flexibility, and balance.

The Difference: wobble chair vs. exercise ball chair

The pivot point is considered to be a major difference!

While reviewing the wobble chair, they are capable of allowing full range of motions whereas an exercise ball chair limits in the range of motion. These two chairs are available in two options namely portable and full chair.

Researchers say that to have healthy well-hydrated tendons, ligaments, and spinal discs, it’s necessary for a human to perform a full range of motion exercises daily, this is possible with the both the wobble and exercise ball chairs.

Bottom Line

In short, both wobble chair and exercise ball chair has high benefits over your health and plays a significant role in improving your body posture. Hope the above features, specifications, and advantages of both the chairs had provided you the right info so that you can choose the desired one as per your body type.

What kind of therapy chair are you using at your office or your home?

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