Does The Wobble Chair Work

Does The Wobble Chair Work

Using the wobble chair daily 10 to 12 minutes gives many benefits such as proper lumbar disc mobility, better nutrition delivery, great re-hydration, good waste elimination, and also it helps in reducing back pain.

Therapeutic Wobble Chair

Wobble chair is established with the height adjustable specially-designed seat which provides 360 degree rotation along with the 35 degree front to back flexion and 40 degree side to side flexion.

Wobble chairs are suitable for schools, offices, home, and clinic rehabilitation use; it provides various ranges of motion such as circular motion, front to back or left to right to spot painful and rigid muscles.

How to use the Therapeutic Wobble Chair

To use the wobble chair veraciously, sit on the seat and hold the arms firmly in order to increase the stability while the chair starts to move. Initially start slow and then gradually move to a number of repetitions which may take several days or weeks to achieve the entire workout.

How to use a wobble cushion

Initially when you start to use the wobble cushion, sit on the cushion for half an hour at a time and then keep the cushion aside for a while, after that put the cushion back to use.

You can add this cushion with your regular chair to give comfort for your back muscles and it feels more like sitting on the ball. You can slouch the cushion while you sit on it depends on how much oscillation you want.

Simply standing on the wobble cushion for more than 20 seconds is a good exercise but there are more challenging ways available to make this exercise even more exciting such as standing on one foot and waving the arms, using the cushion on the uneven surface, and so on.

Wobble chair benefits

Proceed below to check out few benefits you can enjoy with this Wobble Chair!

  • Straightens or extends the sore and tight muscles
  • Aids in the soothing of disc bulges and tears
  • Increases oxygenation of blood and prompts metabolism for the prevention of various diseases
  • Gives the best warm up before any beginning activity
  • Hydrates the lumbar discs to keep them young, robust, and workable
  • It easily reshapes the spine as it warms up the discs prior to spinal molding
  • Expulsion of waste from body and it gives proper nutrition delivery
  • Assists in the circulation of Cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles to nourish the brain and spinal cord
  • Helps in reducing the low back stresses and supports in the prevention of various injuries
  • It also provides numerous functions of rehabilitation to speed up the healing process

Final Verdict

Hope the above tips and ideas would help you to find more about the wobble chairs and its benefits. It’s a good time to grab your favorite therapeutic wobble chair to stay fit and relax in your work schedule.